Scottsdale Pain Management Doctor

Dr. Glen Halvorson - Scottsdale Pain Management DoctorDr. Glen Halvorson joined the staff of Arizona Pain Specialists in June 2011. He is well-respected among pain specialists nationally for his work with nerve conduction studies. One of his research interests and recent publications has been neurodiagnostic testing of diabetic patients with neuropathy.

Dr. Halvorson has a BA in English literature from Pacific Lutheran University. He went on to receive his MD and an MS in biophysics from the University of Washington. He is board-certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation and electrodiagnostic medicine.

Prior to working at APS, Dr. Halvorson had a busy clinic that saw a lot of athletes for non-surgical injuries. He was a team physician with the University of Arizona for ten years and director of the sports medicine clinic at Student Health Services. He also covered high school sports. He was a volunteer physician at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs in 1992 and was the first chairman and co-founder of the sports medicine special interest group for the American Association of PMR.

He loved working with athletes, but when his kids started playing sports, he wanted to spend more time with them and gravitated again toward EMG. Dr. Halvorson and his wife have 12 children, five of whom are internationally adopted.

Dr. Halvorson served for a brief time on the education committee for the AANEM (American Association of Neuromuscular and Electrodiagnostic Medicine).This led to an appointment as an oral examiner for the national EMG board and subsequent position as Arizona’s physician representative to the AANEM for ten years. In 2002, he made a family decision to move to California where he established a busy practice doing EMGs for orthopedic clinics treating injured workers and became a Qualified Medical Examiner for the state of California. He also worked as the medical director of a national Medicare-certified neurodiagnostics lab and has interpreted more than 16,000 nerve conduction studies during past four years.

Pain Doctor CertifiedDr. Halvorson practices at the Scottsdale location of Arizona Pain Specialists.

Current Employment

2008–Current: AZ Fidelis Diagnostics — Medical Director/EDX Consultant
2002–Current: Qualified Medical Examiner, State of California, Akmakjian Spine and General Orthopedic Center

Previous Employment

2003–2011 Inland Orthopedic Group
2009–2010 Glen A. Halvorson M.D., PLLC
2003–2009 Concentra Medical Centers
MEDICAL EQUATIONS — Utilization Review/Worker’s Comp PreAuthorization
2008–2009 Neurodiagnostic Laboratories — Staff Electromyographer, multiple Phoenix EMG Locations

1999–2000 Physical Medicine Consultant/Electromyographer — Concentra Medical Centers, Tucson, AZ
2001–2001 Phoenix Rehabilitation Associates — Outpatient musculoskeletal and sports medicine, EMG/NCV
2002–2002 Center for Pain and Rehabilitation, Phoenix, AZ

1998–1999 Medical Director, International Institute of Nutrition & Research — West Palm Beach, Florida

1983–1993 Physical/Sports Medicine: START Clinics — Tucson and Tempe, AZ
1982–1993 Sports Medicine Consultant, U of Arizona, Dept Athletics — Director of Sports Medicine Clinic at Student Health
1993–1993 Independent Medical Consultant — Tucson, Arizona
1994–1996 Non-clinical Position as Medical Director, Weltek — Research on health promotion, authored two nutrition books
1996–1998 Independent Medical Consultant, Tucson, Arizona — Contract Physician: EMG/Physical Medicine Consults

1981–1982 Providence Medical Center, Seattle, Washington
1982–1983 Rehabilitation Medicine Associates, Tucson, Arizona

Professional Certifications & Training

1977 Internship in Medicine, University Hospital, University of Washington (Seattle, WA)
1978–1980 PMR Residency, University of Washington (Seattle, WA)
1978–1979 Private Practice, Snoqualmie Valley Clinic (one year primary care sabbatical during residency)
1982 American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
1989 American Board of Electrodiagnostic Medicine
2011 Re-Certification Diplomate American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation


1970 B.A. English Literature — Pacific Lutheran University (Tacoma, WA)
1971–1972 Pre-med Studies — Pacific Lutheran University (Tacoma, WA)
1976 M.D. Doctorate in Medicine — University of Washington School of Medicine (Seattle, WA)
1980 M.S. Biophysics — University of Washington Graduate School (Seattle, WA)


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