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Dr Jack AndersonWhether you’re suffering from cancer pain, back pain, constant headaches or just the occasional muscle pain, we have a solution to help. At Arizona Pain Specialists, we have the tools at our disposal to not only accurately diagnose your condition, but also treat it and make sure that you’re on the correct path to being free from pain. You don’t have to live in chronic daily pain.

Arizona Pain Specialists has many convenient clinics, including our Tatum location, located off the 101 freeway at the Tatum Blvd. Here, you’ll not only find a warm and caring staff, who will greet you with a smile and make sure that the check-in process goes as quickly and smoothly as possible. While waiting for your appointment in our beautiful lounge, feel free to read some of the magazines around the office or watch the HD TVs mounted on the walls. You can also read a copy of Arizona Pain Monthly, a publication produced by Arizona Pain to give you inside information about the clinic, as well as general entertainment and health-related information.

Our doctors on staff are Dr. Jack Anderson, Dr. Paul Lynch, Dr. Tory McJunkin and Dr. Adam Wuollett. All of our doctors have an extensive background in pain medicine.

In the past decade Dr. Anderson worked in Emergency Medicine, Diagnostic Radiology and Pain Management, giving him a wide variety of personal experience in the field. He comes to Arizona Pain Specialists having recently completing a Fellowship in Pain Medicine from the Arizona Pain Medicine Fellowship program, in Scottsdale.

At Arizona Pain Specialists, we have give a comprehensive approach to medicine. We can perform everything from simple to interventional procedures, and we have the staff needed to handle a wide variety of problems, including chiropractic specialists and more. The goal here at Arizona Pain Specialists is to treat you like we would treat our own parents, and that’s an important milestone to hit. For us, we feel that your care should be personal, professional and produce results that you won’t get at other clinics. At Arizona Pain Specialists, we want you to be free of chronic pain. Now and forever.

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