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Inside Pain

Meet Dr. Kuppusamy

In the Hot Seat
The inside scoop on Dr. Ahdev Kuppusamy
By Kevin Whipps

Dr Kuppusamy has quite the background.
Born in Puerto Rico, where he would spend most of his life, he grew up knowing that he wanted to be a doctor. In the ninth grade, his family moved to Nova Scotia before moving back to Puerto Rico […]

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Healthy Eating The Fast, Cheap, and Easy Way

Adopting healthy eating choices is probably one of the single most important things you can do to manage pain, no matter the condition you suffer from.

Fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats like those found in nuts and olive oils contain powerful micronutrients that work to reduce pain-causing inflammation and help you feel […]

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Meet Dr. Carlson

Getting to know Dr. Jonathan D. Carlson
By Kevin Whipps

It was 1946, when Dr. Jonathan D. Carlson’s grandparents were living in the Philippines. The Japanese were still occupying the area, and his family was deep in poverty, hiding from soldiers and living a horrific lifestyle that seemed to have no hope of survival. But one day, […]

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Recipe: Simple Slow Cooker Tomato Sauce

Looking for a simple and versatile recipe, with a lot of health benefits, too? This tomato sauce fits the bill, and best of all, is made in a slow cooker! No fuss, no muss.

Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, which is a powerful source of antioxidants and cancer-fighting agents. Studies have shown that consuming tomatoes can […]

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5 Ways To Lose Weight Without Starving Yourself

Weight-loss efforts have the tendency to quickly morph from an initiative designed to help you feel better into one fueled by self-destructive behaviors like skipping meals and obsessively weighing yourself.

Successful ways to lose weight — meaning a person drops pounds and keeps them off while staying healthy — have one thing in common: they’re undertaken as […]

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Could Less Pain Be A Glass Of Water Away?

Summertime months will soon be here, and Arizona residents in particular can expect hot temperatures with extreme dryness—a mix that makes staying hydrated a challenge.

Keeping the body well hydrated is critical for optimal functioning. Few people drink enough water, opting instead for soda and juice. And while juice may taste good and offer some hydration […]

4 Drinks That Could Be Hurting Your Health

Drinking liquid to stay hydrated is a part of life, but many find tasteless water boring. This has opened plenty of space for the $2 billion beverage industry to develop tasty drinks to quench your ever-present thirst.

But what are those drinks doing to your health? Often filled with sugar and purportedly healthy ingredients like vitamins […]

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Recipe: Bean And Mushroom Soup With Arugula

Beans are high in dietary fiber that keeps us feeling fuller longer, prevents blood sugar from rising, and can help to lower certain forms of cholesterol. As the basis of a soup – especially combined with meaty mushrooms – they make for a satiating and healthful meal!

This soup comes together in a matter of minutes […]

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Drink To Your Health: A Guide To Smoothies And Juices

Juice bars, home juicers, and smoothies—particularly green ones—have proliferated over the recent years, but do the drinks really make you healthier?

Purported benefits of the fruit- and vegetable-based drinks include detoxing, disease prevention, and increased vitality. While studies haven’t shown that drinking your veggies is superior to eating them whole, juices and smoothies are good ways […]

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Eating Healthy Food The Fun Way In Arizona

When diving into the world of healthy eating, you’ll soon find an entire lifestyle brimming with opportunities to connect with local farmers, restaurant owners, and culinary artisans looking to make the world a better place through food.

Arizona, with its year-round growing season, offers plentiful opportunities to eat locally grown produce and explore culinary adventures designed […]

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