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July on Arizona Pain: Back Pain Uncovered

Back pain is one of the most common, costly, and life-diminishing health concerns. Fortunately, it’s also highly treatable. That’s why we dedicated the month of July to exploring upper and lower back pain, including its causes and treatments.

Back pain ranks among one of the most common health concerns. Fortunately, relief is in sight.

Arizona Pain kicked […]

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Top 5 Sources For Back Pain News

The Internet is a wonderful resource for keeping up to date with the latest research on back pain. Back pain affects 31 million people in the U.S. at any given time, according to the American Chiropractic Association (ACA).

Low back pain is the leading cause of disability globally, and costs U.S. patients more than $50 billion […]

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5 Best Memoirs About Chronic Pain

If you’re looking to lose yourself in a riveting tale about how a real-life person found purpose and triumphed over a similar condition to the one you’re living with, you’re in the right place.

Although chronic pain is common, affecting about 100 million people in the U.S, the experience can be incredibly isolating. Patients may not […]

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Sites We Love: MindBodyGreen

MindBodyGreen is one of the web’s leading sites for health and wellness—both physical and emotional—that’s approached from a mind/body standpoint. Ranked by Alexa as one of the top 3,500 sites in the world in terms of traffic, MindBodyGreen offers the collected wisdom of thought leaders, yoga teachers, medical professionals, and others offering advice on diet, […]

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New Neurostimulation Technologies May Enhance Pain Relief

By Ted Swing, Ph.D.

The perception of pain involves signals transmitted by the nerves throughout the body to the brain. Because this is an electrochemical process, it can be influenced by electricity. Typically, people think of electricity as causing pain; for example, when a person receives an electric shock from a wall outlet. In other cases, […]

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What Chiropractic Methods Are Used To Treat Low Back Pain?

A chiropractor’s signature technique of treating low back pain is spinal manipulation, with the stereotypical popping noise that’s actually the sound of a gas bubble releasing between joints. Did you know that there are multiple types of spinal manipulation? Some are completed by hand and others require the help of a small, specially designed instrument.

In […]

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How Does Chiropractic Care Work?

Chiropractors may best be associated with spinal adjustments and the popping sound that many people’s bodies make as their musculoskeletal systems click back into proper alignment. That noise is actually the sound of pockets of gas released by the joints as they fall back into place.

But the science of chiropractic dates back to the earliest […]

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Let’s Move! Childhood Obesity Initiative Celebrates 5 Years—But Is It Working?

Five years ago, First Lady Michelle Obama launched the Let’s Move! initiative to curtail staggeringly high rates of childhood obesity. The program emphasizes wholesome habits for food and fitness in hopes of making kids healthier within one generation.

About one-third of all children and adolescents are overweight or obese, according to the campaign, and that figure […]

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The Ultimate Back Pain Treatment That Works 90% Of The Time

Back pain is one of the nation’s most common health concerns and accounts for 40% of all missed time from work. The good news is that 90% of patients will improve on their own without a doctor’s help.

“For most people, back pain is not a disease,” says Dr. Mike Evans, a health care educator. That […]

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Mythbusters: Do These Novel Back Pain Treatments Work?

People will try just about anything to find back pain relief, and thanks to the never-ending parade of emerging treatments, patients aren’t short of new ones to try.

In the world of alternative therapies, it’s sometimes difficult to differentiate the weird-sounding-but-effective from the not-so-great. Some of these recently popularized treatments may even cause harm, and understanding […]

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