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Recipe: Very Veggie Black Bean Chili

Cooking up a large pot of chili is one of the best ways to utilize leftover ingredients and feed a crowd in one fell swoop. It can also be a pitfall to healthful eating, if you are not careful; with an abundance of meat and toppings. This recipe is an alternative to the norm, with […]

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Forget About Losing Weight And Focus On Feeling Good

Amidst the barrage of skinny worshiping that happens on a daily basis, it can be difficult for those who don’t fit into a size small to feel good about themselves. People with health conditions like chronic pain may feel especially pressured to lose weight, and any difficulty shedding pounds frequently leads to frustration.

If this describes […]

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February On Inside Pain: Tide Turns Against Opioids, Guide To Pain Management, And More

This February on Arizona Pain, you can read about new developments in medical thinking, and how they’re impacting the types of treatments available to patients with chronic pain.

One area of monumental change is opioids: it’s a hot topic, particularly with record rates of people overdosing and sometimes dying from taking these dangerous drugs.

With sky-high addiction rates—even […]

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Will Steroid Injections Work For Me?

Steroid injections allow patients to apply powerful, anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing medication directly into an area of discomfort. Although steroid injections are not a first line of treatment, they’re often used to help people combat pain who have tried other options to no avail. And although they’re not the first-used option in the war against pain, […]

The Best Treatments For Car Accident Injuries

Cars are an indispensable part of daily life, taking us to and from work, school, and entertainment. But hurling down the freeway at 65 miles per hour is dangerous, and millions of people sustain car accident injuries every year.

Car crashes are especially perilous when they happen at high speeds, sometimes leaving people with car accident injuries […]

Disparities In Gender Of Pain Management Leave Some Struggling

Women are more likely than men to experience chronic pain, however emerging research into the gender of pain management shows that females are less likely to receive medications and may suffer more as a result. And the medications they do receive sometimes cause more harm than good.

Women are, on average, smaller than men and have […]

Your Ultimate Guide To Mastering Pain Management

Pain management can feel like a full-time job. Tracking medicines and doctors’ appointments, researching new therapies to replace those that aren’t working, and all the other tasks associated with having a chronic medical condition can easily consume most of your time.

You never asked for this job, and you probably wish you could quit. However, mastering […]

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5 Surprising New Chronic Pain Treatments

Science continues to uncover brand new ways of alleviating suffering for those living with chronic pain. With awareness about the dangers of opioids growing, identifying these new scientific frontiers has never had more urgency.

While some of the new chronic pain treatments are more predictable—wearable technology, for example—other emerging treatments involve approaches you’d never guess.

Some of […]

Regenerative Treatment Study for Degenerative Joint Conditions

By Ted Swing, Ph.D

Some new treatments for degenerative joint conditions involves injections of biologics that may be able to slow the degeneration of joint tissues or even stimulate regrowth of damaged tissues.

In addition to the clinical trials we conduct with outside sponsors, we also conduct internal studies of available treatments to provide scientific evidence of […]

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A Real Pain in the Back

By Kevin Whipps

Now here’s a stat for you. According to the American Chiropractic Association, one half of all working Americans admit to having back pain symptoms each year. In addition, it turns out that we spend at least $50 billion — that’s billion with a “b” — on back pain. Worse yet? That’s just for […]

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