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Pain Awareness Month: Sharing Your Story To Change The World

For the 100 million people suffering from chronic pain, the discomfort can feel overwhelming, like it’s here to destroy you and ruin your life.

You may feel like you want to cower in the face of it, hide until it goes away. Maybe you’re tired of telling people about it and trying to explain the unexplainable.

It’s […]

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3 Emerging Treatments For Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia frequently doesn’t respond well to traditional medications, but the good news is that many people find alternative remedies helpful. Therapies like oxygen chamber therapy, low-level laser therapy, and transdermal magnesium are hitting the market, giving fibromyalgia patients new options for managing pain and improving quality of life.

Oxygen chamber therapy in particular has researchers making […]

Fibromyalgia Originates In The Central Nervous System

Researchers have been plucking away at the mysterious origins of fibromyalgia for decades. And although many uncertainties remain, the American Pain Society (APS) says the condition is now classified as a lifelong disorder of the central nervous system.

Fibromyalgia expert Dr. Daniel Clauw told an APS panel:
“Most people with this condition have lifelong histories of chronic […]

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Arizona Pain Hosts Chat About Stem Cell Research

This previous week, Arizona Pain hosted our own Twitter chat about stem cell research and regenerative therapy. This was a way to connect our research director, Ted Swing, with others who had questions about these therapies and why we’re so excited to be studying them.

If you want to join in our next Twitter chat, make […]

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Bloggers We Love: Dr. Christiane Wolf

Meditation is a powerful tool for rewiring the brain’s emotional and physical responses—both critical when it comes to managing chronic pain.

Dr. Christiane Wolf is a meditation teacher, physician, and life coach who speaks extensively on the ability of mindfulness practices to alleviate chronic pain. Meditation changes lives, she says, by teaching people how to cope […]

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Become Inspired On World Humanitarian Day

Humanitarians work in the world’s most dangerous countries, helping ordinary citizens ravaged by war or natural disasters find medical care, housing, and food. This critical but treacherous work comes with great risk. On Aug. 19, 2003, 22 United Nations staffers died when the organization’s Baghdad headquarters was bombed.

Since then, advocates have declared Aug. 19 World […]

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Body Betrayal

When you don’t know what’s wrong, what do you do?
By Kevin Whipps

It started with stomach cramps. First during the day, and then later, at night, keeping him from sleeping. He saw his doctor, was given a dose of ibuprofen and told to wait. A few weeks later, after a stressful trip to a wedding, […]

Our 6 Favorite Research-Backed Methods To Live Better

The news is full of recommendations people can take to live better. Some tips are fads while others promote time-tested practices, but the noise can be overwhelming. Fortunately, researchers are busy evaluating these claims and quantifying the benefits in an effort to identify the core practices that actually impact your quality of life.

Better health is […]

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By Ted Swing, PhD & Tory McJunkin, MD

Arizona Pain Specialists is currently taking part in a medical research study called the CASCADE study. The study is looking at a potential new treatment (an investigational product) for degenerative disc disease. The investigational product is made from a certain type of adult stem cell and has already […]

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5 Ways To Be An Empowered Patient Online

The amount of health information available to patients has never been greater, thanks to the Internet. Demand is equally high; one in 20 Google searches seeks health information, according to Google.

Whether you’re looking for tools to treat acute pain like a sprain or ways of managing chronic discomfort like a low backache, the web has […]

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