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How To Exercise At The Office To Relieve Your Pain

Sitting has been called the new smoking, with the average U.S. adult spending upwards of eight hours a day seated, a lifestyle linked to weight gain and increased risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. We discuss some of the best ways to exercise at the office, especially if you're suffering from a chronic pain condition. [...]

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How To Handle Cold Weather With Chronic Pain

It's hard to believe, but Fall is just around the corner again. And when those temperatures do finally dip, it will mean many chronic pain patients looking for a little extra warmth. Cold weather with chronic pain just isn't a good mix. Many patients are sensitive to changes in temperature, while stiff joints can become [...]

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The Benefits Of Yoga For Women

Yoga is great for so many people, but there are benefits for two groups of women in particular: expectant mothers and breast cancer survivors. Here's why. Benefits of yoga for expectant mothers Pregnant women looking to manage stress and reduce anxiety about childbirth might consider trying yoga. This ancient practice has gained much attention for [...]

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5 Of The Best Natural Diabetes Treatment Options

Diabetes is an increasingly common medical condition that relates to the body’s difficulty in producing insulin, an important hormone for regulating blood sugar levels. If you suffer from diabetes, there are natural diabetes treatment options you can try. Here's 5 of the best. What is diabetes? In 2012, about 9% of the U.S. population was [...]

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Chronic Pain And Mental Health Issues — What You Need To Know

Chronic pain is stressful, and can contribute to a wide range of health problems including heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. In addition to the physical symptoms, chronic pain also affects social, occupational, and recreational activities in the lives of those affected. And this can lead to mental health concerns like depression and anxiety. Let's take [...]

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