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Why Trigeminal Neuralgia Is Considered The “Suicide Disease”

Of all of the pain conditions that chronic pain patients experience, there are arguably none worse than the pain of trigeminal neuralgia. Often called the “suicide disease” because 25% of sufferers commit suicide, trigeminal neuralgia is pain that spreads over the face and down the neck, triggered by even the slightest breath of wind across [...]

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What Causes An Opioid Overdose?

Opioids are a hot topic right now as the Centers for Disease Control recently released new guidelines for healthcare providers to follow before and during any opioid therapy treatment. This is especially important because these suggested guidelines lay down specific steps for providers to follow. Many of these focus on treating chronic pain in general. [...]

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Actively Recruiting For Lower Back Pain Clinical Trials (And More!)

Clinical researchers test a variety of new treatments for various medical conditions. Those that prove successful receive approval and eventually become a part of the standard treatments for that condition. This research is incredibly important and we are committed to advancing the practice of pain medicine by taking part in clinical trials, in areas such [...]

What Is Gastroparesis?

We tend to take our body for granted when it is functioning properly. Every day our bodies perform tiny miracles, like taking food and turning it into energy that powers everything we do, from kicking a ball to growing fingernails. But what happens when one simple function breaks down? What happens when involuntary, reflexive actions [...]

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The Latest On The CDC Opioid Pain Management Guidelines

In March of this year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released new pain management guidelines for health care providers relating to opioid use called the Guidelines for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain. Specifically, these guidelines laid out suggestions on how physicians should curtail writing prescriptions for opioids. In the case of chronic pain [...]

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10 Ways To Get Involved During Pain Awareness Month

September is Pain Awareness Month. This is a great time to raise awareness of chronic pain and to educate to those around you. Why do we need Pain Awareness Month? An estimated one and a half billion people suffer from chronic pain worldwide at an enormous cost. In 2012, the cost of chronic pain was [...]

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How To Support A Loved One With Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a serious condition that affects millions of people all around the world. It is very difficult to measure and the pain is often unique to each person. There is no magic treatment to cure chronic pain either and there are many complicated issues that can come along with chronic pain conditions. So [...]

The Latest Opioid Addiction Statistics

There has been a lot of controversy over the last few years about the risks and benefits of opioid painkillers as well as how they are used in treating chronic pain. It is important to note, however, that this does not include certain patients such as those diagnosed with cancer or those who are undergoing [...]

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5 New Prescription Pain Medication Research Findings

Pain is almost never a good sign and it affects more people in the U.S. than diabetes, heart disease, and cancer combined. The main treatment for pain comes from prescription pain medications most of which are known as opioids. These meds are extremely valuable when fighting chronic pain, but can lead to some serious side [...]

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What Is The Low FODMAP Diet (And Does It Work)?

Digestive distress is something that most people can understand. Beyond stomachaches, however, there are more serious conditions that can start with abdominal pain. Irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease are two examples of serious chronic conditions that affect the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Neither disorder has a known root cause so treating them can be [...]

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