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Best Places To Stay Warm During Phoenix Winters

After months of 110-degree temperatures, winter is finally here. Cold temperatures present a new problem not seen during the summer—how does one stay warm?

Many people with chronic pain find that staying warm is important for minimizing symptoms. Some conditions, such as fibromyalgia for example, can cause people to feel cold even if the room is […]

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WILD Review: Grieving Woman Finds Peace On Solo Trek

The nearly two-hour screen adaptation of Cheryl Strayed’s best-selling memoir Wild could have been a bore. The book catalogues Strayed’s intensely internal trajectory as she evolves from a pained, drug-addled woman struggling during the aftermath of her mother’s death to someone fierce enough to walk with sandals duck-taped to her feet during a 1,100-mile solo […]

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Recipe: Very Vegetable Stromboli Roll

Looking for a unique appetizer to serve at your holiday cocktail party? Consider this very vegetable, Stromboli roll recipe! It can be prepared up to a day in advance and baked right before your guests arrive, or can be baked, sliced, and then served at room temperature, making it ideal for the no-fuss, no-muss host […]

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Phoenix Pain-Friendly Hiking Trails

Phoenix offers hiking trails for a range of abilities, from the elite athlete to those looking for a more pain-friendly option. Although the Valley’s more famous trails include the notoriously difficult Camelback Mountain and others with precipitous paths featuring sheer drop-offs, there are a huge number of pain-friendly hiking trails that offer a good workout, […]

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Physician Groups bring Christmas to Refugee Children in Phoenix

Scottsdale, AZ., December 12th, 2014 –Volunteers from Arizona Pain’s charity organization, The Arizona Pain Foundation, will be hosting their 7th annual Christmas event for over 1,000 refugee children and their families this Saturday, December 13th, at City of Grace Church in downtown Phoenix. The “Christmas Party for Children Around the World” event will take place […]

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Phoenix Festivities: Where To Find Holiday Fun

Winter weather in Phoenix is far from frightful, and the holiday season brings with it wonderful celebrations, many of them outdoors.

From festive light displays to music to other kinds of celebrations punctuated by winter cheer, options abound for holiday fun in Phoenix. Here are a few popular events.
1. Zoo Lights
Every year during the holiday season, the […]

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Human Rights Day: Raising Awareness And Elevating Hope

Right here, right now in the United States, nearly 60,000 people live in slavery, forced to work against their will, mostly in the sex trades, according to the news site Mic. Unfortunately, that number pales in comparison to the millions of people around the globe who are enslaved or living without access to basic rights.

News […]

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On the Front Lines – Clinical Research Update

The field of pain management depends on clinical research to assess the efficacy of available treatments as well as to develop new treatments. At Arizona Pain, our clinical research helps us lead the way in advancing the science of pain treatment. We have several clinical trials for which we are actively recruiting patients.
St. Jude SENSE […]

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Recipe: Basic Salt Body Scrub With Essential Oils

Want to give someone a homemade gift this holiday season, which does not involve any cooking whatsoever? Try your hand at making this simple body scrub!

This is a very basic recipe that can be customized to your liking. It starts with sea salt, which acts as a powerful detoxifier and exfoliator to the skin. A […]

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Gift Ideas For People With Fibromyalgia

If you’re looking for the perfect gift to impress your favorite person with fibromyalgia, then look no further. This relatively common condition results in widespread pain and fatigue that can make it difficult to navigate through the day and complete basic life tasks. Any present you buy that improves the person’s life, even for a […]

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