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Fibromyalgia Research Looks Ahead To 3 Emerging Treatments

Notoriously difficult to diagnose, fibromyalgia causes very real pain to those affected by it despite remaining a mystery in many other ways. A musculoskeletal disorder, it’s characterized by a lowered pain threshold and extra sensitivity to situations that would cause an unaffected person no pain at all. Fibromyalgia research is constantly looking for emerging therapies [...]

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3 Migraine Blogs That We Absolutely Love

Reading migraine blogs is a great way to learn, pick up tips and tricks, find new resources, and feel like part of a community. There’s a fairly big online community for migraine sufferers (who sometimes call themselves Migraineurs), with plenty of fantastic migraine blogs to choose from. Here are three of our favorite migraine blogs. The [...]

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How Pain Medicine Doctors Are Tackling The Opioid Crisis

Chronic pain is one of the nation’s most pervasive health problems, affecting about 100 million people. To alleviate patients’ suffering, pain medicine doctors have over the last few decades frequently prescribed opioids, a class of powerful and dangerously addictive medications. As the number of prescriptions has piled up, so have the rates of addiction and [...]

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Occipital Nerve Stimulation, And 5 More New Migraine Treatments

Everyone will experience a headache at some point in their life. For those who suffer from migraines, however, the pain can be debilitating. For the 36 million people in the U.S. who suffer from migraines, relief can be hard to come by. Traditional pain relievers typically offer no relief and more potent medications, like opioids, are [...]

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How Does A Spinal Cord Stimulator Work?

The perception of pain involves signals transmitted by the nerves throughout the body to the brain. Because this is an electrochemical process, it can be influenced by electricity. Typically, people think of electricity as causing pain; for example, when a person receives an electric shock from a wall outlet. In other cases, however, electricity can [...]

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Stem Cell Testimonials — Arizona Man Finds Relief After 70 Years

If you're interested in stem cell therapy to treat your pain condition, it's always best to hear it straight from the source: stem cell testimonials from patients who have suffered from similar pain who have found relief through this cutting-edge treatment option. Today we recount one of our favorite stem cell testimonials: an interview with [...]

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