Learn About Our Treatments

The Arizona Pain Stem Cell Institute is committed to delivering the most advanced regenerative treatments for chronic pain conditions and studying their efficacy through research studies. These treatments include:

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

Blood is drawn from the patient and centrifuged. The middle layer, which is rich in platelets and growth factors necessary for healing is drawn out and injected into the site of injury/degeneration. This treatment can be used to treat shoulder, hip, knee, SI, facet joints, etc.
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Amniotic Tissue Therapy

Amniotic tissues are collected from donors after planned caesarean live births. These tissues are preserved and screened to verify tissue safety. Amniotic tissue product contains pluripotent cells (capable of differentiating into different cell lines; AKA stem cells) as well as collagen matrices that serve as scaffolding on which the body can rebuild tissues. Amniotic tissue product is injected into the patient at the target area (same areas treated with PRP).
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Stem Cell Therapy

Bone marrow is drawn from the patient’s iliac crest (hip bone). This bone marrow is then centrifuged and the stem cell rich portion is concentrated and then injected into the patient at the targeted area. This treatment will be used to treat joints (shoulder, hip, knee, SI, facet).
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