Our Integrated Care Approach At Arizona Pain

Our Integrated Care Approach At Arizona Pain

Chronic pain consists of more than physical symptoms; it can affect every aspect of your life. From emotional distress to lingering exhaustion to mental health issues, chronic pain is a burden that is hard to carry. Our award-winning team at Arizona Pain understands this on a deeply personal level, and it’s why our doctors have dedicated their lives to developing better treatment protocols for patients in pain. We’re here to help.

We Practice Individualized Care

Individualized care is at the core of our practice and our approach at Arizona Pain. Pain is highly personal, affecting each patient very differently. It can arise in different areas of the body in varying levels of severity.

Due to the highly personal nature of pain, different methods of treatment work better for some patients than others. This understanding is at the heart of our integrated care approach. Our team is dedicated to developing a treatment plan is tailored to your lifestyle and symptoms, as well as your overall goals.

Uncovering The Source Of Your Pain

Chronic pain has been linked to numerous physical and mental conditions. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the prevalence of chronic pain ranges from 11% to 40% of the population. That number varies so greatly because so many people unfortunately go about life with undiagnosed chronic pain.

Chronic pain isn’t normal. It’s not just what happens when you get older or played a certain sport. We can help you get your life back by managing symptoms or treating an underlying condition.

Early and proper diagnosis forms the basis of our work. You’ll start with a consultation with your doctor to discuss your personal health history and symptoms. Our pain treatment protocol then moves into full diagnostics to identify the cause of your pain. These tests may include:

  • Imaging with MRI, X-ray, or CT scan
  • Neurological examination
  • EMG to evaluate neurological changes
  • Vitamin, mineral, and hormone testing
  • Sleep study

At our Phoenix pain clinics across the Valley, we work tirelessly to pinpoint the cause of your pain before developing a treatment plan. This gives us a clear and comprehensive view of the health challenges you’re facing.

An Integrated Care Approach To Pain

At Arizona Pain Specialists, we provide life-changing and comprehensive pain treatments to help you combat the burden of chronic pain. Through our integrated care approach, our goal is to go beyond symptom management. We treat you as a whole person, focusing on less invasive therapies and coordinated care when possible, and using cutting-edge interventions to treat severe pain or flare-ups.

Here’s how that looks.


Behavioral therapy

Behavioral therapy is an integral part of any treatment plan at Arizona Pain, because we know chronic pain doesn’t only affect the body.

Biofeedback is a technique that can be applied anywhere, at any time, to help control your body’s stress response to relieve pain. Your Arizona Pain doctors may also recommend cognitive behavioral therapy and support groups. For those with chronic pain, negative emotions can increase the perception of pain and isolation. Through therapy and connecting with others, many patients find that they build the tools they need to tackle pain triggers.

Chiropractic care

Our team includes award-winning chiropractic care professionals. They may use therapies like Active Release Technique (ART), which uses specific manipulations and movements to identify and break up scar tissue in your body. Likewise, spinal decompression is a back pain treatment that can help lengthen your spine to relieve pain.

To meet our goal of treating each patient as a whole, we strive to incorporate a range of comprehensive care offerings like chiropractic care. In addition, we incorporate other non-invasive therapies like physical therapy and rehabilitation. Further, acupuncture helps us manage conditions like neck pain, fibromyalgia, and even migraines.

Pain management interventions

If your pain is so severe that it impacts your quality of life, an interventional approach may be necessary. In combination with other forms of treatment, these cutting-edge procedures are highly successful in managing pain.

While there are dozens of interventional pain treatments we offer, some of the more common include:

Conservative medication management

Our doctors will always work to uncover complementary pain treatments when possible. Our goal is to target the source of your pain, versus relying solely on medications. For patients who are already taking medications to manage pain, we help them reduce their use.

Opioids are the most commonly prescribed class of medication in the United States, most often for the short-term relief of pain. Studies have shown benefits from short-term opioid use, but not for long-term use to manage use.

At Arizona Pain, we believe opioid therapy can be a short-term solution for moderate to severe pain. However, conservative treatments and diligent monitoring are essential during this process. Our 12-step opioid management tool helps us protect patients when opioids are an appropriate form of care.

Other medication options may include NSAIDs, topical treatments, anti-depressants, and muscle relaxers, used safely and only in combination with other treatments.

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