The Founding of Arizona Pain Specialists

Paul and Tory - Arizona Pain Specialists

College friends Tory McJunkin and Paul Lynch on a mission trip in Mexico.

When Tory McJunkin and Paul Lynch started Arizona Pain Specialists it was the realization of a dream that started over a decade ago. Tory and Paul’s friendship began their freshman year of college. They were both pre-med and had many of the same classes. While intense competition is the landscape in most college pre-med courses Paul and Tory decided cooperation was a better plan. During college they studied together during the week and prayed together on the weekends. Four years later, they were off to The University of Oklahoma College of Medicine.

Life took an unexpected turn, as Paul’s mother-in-law was diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer. Paul spent weeks trying to find relief for her debilitating pain and during the process learned about interventional pain procedures. Shortly before medical school graduation, he realized that this was his calling in life and immediately drove to Tory’s house. Tory heard the excitement in his friend’s voice as he said “I know what I’m going to do with my life!” Tory listened with growing interest and firmly said, “Me too.” Paul laughed in disbelief saying “Seriously, I’m going to become an anesthesiologist and then study pain management. This is what I’m supposed to do, I just know it.” Tory stepped closer and with a tone that was unmistakably serious said “I know, and this is the specialty I was made to practice too, I just didn’t know it existed. I’m also going to pursue this career, whatever it takes!”

And that’s exactly what they did. They obtained positions in top-tier programs – University of Iowa and New York University, and then each secured a position at the most coveted Interventional Pain Program.

Tory and Paul’s dream to work together and bring a human side to the practice of medicine is finally a reality. Arizona Pain Specialists is the culmination of years of prayer and hard work and the combined vision of two men who are trying to make a difference. Come be a part of the vision.