Jennifer Spencer

 Jennifer Spencer

When you think of someone who has spent many years in excruciating, chronic pain, you would imagine someone who is not a cheerful, optimistic person. Jennifer Spencer, despite spending many years in debilitating, chronic pain, is a vibrant, outgoing woman who has been through it all, but maintains a positive attitude.

Many pain patients will require multiple procedures, as pain is often very difficult to treat. Spencer has been treated with epidural steroid injections and radio frequency ablation. Specifically, Spencer has seen great pain relief from the radio frequency ablation (RFA).

Spencer posts consistently on the Arizona Pain Specialists fan site hosted by Facebook. Contributing her sunny attitude and well-earned advice, Spencer is a positive voice. “RFA has saved my life,” Spencer posted recently. “Dr. Lynch is a wonderful doctor, very caring and has an amazing staff. I have been able to fulfill my dream of being a SCUBA diver and Dr. Lynch has helped me attain that goal. Thank you!”

Another goal that Spencer has been able to attain is a steady and ongoing weight-loss. Losing 40-plus pounds since January, she attributes this success to being able to work out consistently in the pool, on the treadmill and by hiking on the trails near her house. None of this would have been possible if she was still experiencing the pain she had been in.

Prior to her treatment at Arizona Pain Specialists, Spencer states that her pain was consistently an eight out of ten. After her treatments and ongoing care, she is able to function on a daily basis and not only workout, but do activities like easily go up and down the stairs in her home – a task that used to be too painful to perform.

Spencer also acknowledges the power of prayer and maintaining a positive attitude in her daily life. Many pain patients find that their pain is easier to manage should they spend time focusing on meditation or prayer and keeping a positive attitude, and this has worked for Spencer.

Spencer has also utilized alternative therapies including acupuncture. “Acupuncture is a great treatment and has worked for me,” Spencer says. “I’d highly recommend it to other pain patients.” Acupuncture has shown to be effective for those with chronic back and neck pain and chronic headaches.

“Arizona Pain Specialists is a fantastic facility,” Spencer says. “Everyone I have met is compassionate and understanding.”