Kurt Gusinde – World-Class Athlete

Arizona Pain CLimbs Mt EverestMountain climber Kurt Gusinde is a world-class athlete on the level with any professional athlete. A climber of Mount McKinley in Alaska and six of the famous “Seven Summits,” Gusinde had plans of leaving to climb Mount Everest when excruciating pain stopped him short.

One morning just three months before he was scheduled to leave, Gusinde experienced terrible shoulder pain. “The pain was a ten out of ten. It was excruciating,”  Gusinde says. After trying medications among other treatments, the pain was still at top levels. MRIs were performed and were conclusive of shoulder pain being the result of a problem with his neck. Two options were then presented: surgery or epidural steroid injections.

“I opted for the epidural,” Gusinde says. “The injections seemed much less invasive than surgery, and I was hopeful they would work.”

After receiving two steroid injections at Arizona Pain Specialists, Gusinde experienced 100% relief. “It was pretty amazing… to be honest, it’s amazing that an injection can have that kind of impact.” Gusinde was still wary, however, that his pain could flare up during his Everest climb. However, he reported great results.

“The shoulder and neck pain] was a non-event the whole climb; it just didn’t bother me at all. And it’s been over a year now, and the injections are still effective.”

Today, Gusinde still hikes, bikes, and does weight-lifting. After experiencing recent pain in his hamstring and calf, he came back to Arizona Pain Specialists.

“I found out after MRIs that there is a pinching of a nerve in the lower back. I did the injections again, and am back to 100%,” Gusinde reports. “Arizona Pain Specialists has been great, and I’ve really enjoyed working with them. I was pretty amazed that the injections worked, to be honest. It’s amazing that an injection can have that kind of an impact. But it’s worked for me twice now, and gotten me back to what I want to do.”

To read more about Kurt Gusinde’s expeditions and many successful climbs, see his website. For more information about the epidural steroid injections that helped mountain climber Kurt Gusinde, be sure to see our Pain Knowledge Center.