Radiofrequency Ablation Testimonial – Carrie L

My name is cari lash and I am 37 years old. I moved to Arizona from Florida 8 years ago. I have had pain in my legs for those 8 years on the sides of my thighs. They were tender and hurt all the time. Even an everyday accident, like a bump from a cabinet, or a typical activity, like holding kids on my lap, was unbelievably painful. I would cry myself to sleep at times.

long distance driving was uncomfortable. Driving to Prescott or Flagstaff would be so painful I would put my legs up on dash or cross my legs to relieve the pain. I even started to bring a pillow to put under my legs to help relieve pain. I have been a certified medical assistant for 14 years in dermatology. I thought my leg pain was from being on my feet so much, rooming patients and standing in surgeries. I would stretch, get massages, acupuncture, and chiropractic work done to relieve pain but this would only last a few hours or a day. I even went to a doctor in sedona for a test to see if there was nerve damage. I would use ice packs on the sides of my legs to relieve inflammation. I went to a place here in Cottonwood to have a thermal imaging test done. It showed inflammation on both sides of my thighs and left lower back. Then I had an MRI done per my PCP and this showed arthritis in my left lower back. I was so tired of being in pain I went online for a pain specialist in Phoenix.

I found Arizona Pain Specialists and made an appointment. Dr. McJunkin saw me and said this is what we should do: RFA. At this point I would do anything. I had two diagnositic appointments with local numbing and I had no pain for months! I was so excited and I was finally a happier person. Then I scheduled the two appoinments for the cautery and this time I had light sedation, no pain!!! zero pain!!! sore for a about a month where the procedure was done, but no leg pain!!! This was the thing I should have been told by previous doctors and chiropractors, to seek pain management, but instead I did my own homework. Arizona Pain Specialists has a great staff who are understanding, funny, and makes you feel comfortable even if you have 50 questions. They also have a clean and very organized set up and office. This was indeed the best thing I ever did. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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