Arizona Pain Congratulates Dr. Gliedt

Arizona Pain extends its congratulations to Dr. Jordan Gliedt, a doctor at the Chandler facility who has received the honor of winning the 2014 Best of Chandler Award.

The annual Best of Chandler Award, granted by the Chandler Award Program, recognizes local businesses that are dedicated to excellent customer service and making an impact in the community. Awardees are nominated by third parties and selected after a vigorous review process that evaluates candidates’ contributions to making their respective communities stellar places to live, work, and play.

“I’m so honored to receive the award, and grateful everyday for the opportunity to serve residents of Chandler,” Dr. Gliedt says.

Dr. Gliedt, a board certified chiropractor, moved to the Valley in March 2013 with his wife and son, who is two-and-a-half, in search of sunshine and a friendly community to plant roots in.

A Midwest native, Dr. Gleidt moved to the Valley from Arkansas, where he was working as the chiropractic physician for the Northwest Arkansas Naturals, the area’s minor league baseball team, and as the director of complementary and alternative medicine at a facility in Fayetteville.

Complementary and alternative medicine includes practices such as acupuncture that aren’t part of standard medical care, but that extensive clinical trials have shown to be incredibly helpful for patients suffering from a variety of chronic pain conditions and sports injuries.

Eight out of 10 people experience back pain at some point in their lives, and Dr. Gliedt says that’s too many.

“Generalized pain is really on the rise, and working as a chiropractor places you on the front line of helping people,” Dr. Gliedt says.

In addition to treating professional athletes, Dr. Gleidt has also treated sports players in college and high school, giving him a depth of experience at all levels.

Dr. Gliedt’s commitment to helping patients devise comprehensive, customized treatment plans is guided by the breadth of his professional experience.

Dr. Gliedt completed his undergraduate studies at Missouri Southern State University and studied medicine at Logan College of Chiropractic in Chesterfield, Missouri.

“My mother experienced back pain intermittently throughout her entire adult life, and it affected her every day,” Dr. Gliedt says. The experience inspired his decision to study medicine. Before entering chiropractic school, Dr. Gliedt worked as a physiotherapy assistant where he discovered the immense satisfaction that came from working with patients one-on-one.

“The amount of impact you can have one someone’s life really convinced me to want to enter chiropractic school,” he says.

Dr. Gliedt’s medical philosophy is directed by that commitment to patients. “My philosophy is patient-centered,” he says. “The patient always comes first, and it’s best to act in an evidence-based manner. If we can get people out of pain as quickly as possible, reduce their risk of recurrence, and reduce their dependence on medical providers, then we’ve done our job.”

Chiropractors are perhaps best known for their ability to help people manage back pain, but Dr. Gliedt also treats people with neck pain, headaches, fibromyalgia, and other chronic pain conditions. Many of these patients benefit from alternative therapies including acupuncture and Active Release Technique, a cutting-edge therapy designed to relieve pain resulting from overused muscles.

Dr. Gliedt’s specialties include treating pain and dysfunction in the spine, joint, and musculoskeletal system. He focuses on educating patients, helping them understand the conditions they’re experiencing, and figuring out complementary medicine approaches, such as nutrition therapy, that might be helpful.

Dr. Gliedt is committed to staying on top of the latest medical insights, and conducts research projects to further that knowledge. Recent clinical examinations he’s conducted include a review looking at acupuncture’s impact on outcomes for surgical patients and another evaluating the benefit of active release techniques on tennis elbow.

Dr. Gliedt works with patients of all ages to develop comprehensive plans designed to help them reach goals for healthy living, wellness, and overall performance. He belongs to the American Chiropractic Association and the American Public Health Association, and serves as an appointed member of the Patient Education and Evidence-Based Guidelines committees of the North American Spine Society.

Dr. Gliedt has also worked as an adjunct faculty member at his alma mater, Logan College of Chiropractic.