Dr. Paul Lynch Headlines Arizona Physician Magazine’s Summer 2020 Issue

lynch arizona physician magazine

Our own Dr. Paul Lynch was recently selected to headline the Summer 2020 issue of Arizona Physician magazine, a physician-led publication for Maricopa County Medical Society members.

lynch arizona physician

In “Inspired to Fight a Deadly Virus,” Edward Araujo profiles Paul Lynch, MD about his volunteer work during the COVID-19 pandemic in New York City and eventual contracting of COVID-19. Araujo details Lynch’s story of passion, drive, and willingness to help others during the most trying of times.

The whole Arizona Pain team is incredibly proud of Dr. Lynch’s work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Beyond his time in New York City, Dr. Lynch has continued efforts to educate the public on science-driven news and guidance about the virus. This piece highlights the crucial work he is doing both for pain patients and our community, not only during the initial outbreak but as we figure out how to move forward safely.

Read the full digital version of Arizona Physician Magazine’s Summer 2020 issue here.