Bloggers We Love: Pinch Of Yum

Blogs can be a powerful tool to share information to a wide spectrum of people. Bloggers tell compelling stories, inspire change, and help us do things that we never thought were possible. If you are ready to dive into a healthy lifestyle filled with delicious and easy-to-make food, you need to check out the blog Pinch of Yum. It will make you a health food believer and bring a smile to your face.

“In the cooking department, I’m a food enthusiast with an appetite for almost anything.” – Lindsay

Lindsay Ostrom is a caring and supportive food blogger who used to be an elementary teacher who blogged in her off-hours. Now she focuses her energy on Pinch of Yum, her blog where she creates delicious recipes with detailed instructions, using her photography skills to make your mouth water. She does this with encouragement from Bjork, her husband, and their number one fan, a beagle named Sage. Lindsay and her husband also lived in the Philippines for a year while working and teaching in an orphanage. These are just some of the reasons why Lindsay is a blogger we love!

You can find Pinch of Yum all over the web:

  • The Pinch of Yum Facebook page has over 55K likes and is filled with all the same personality as the blog. Come for the great food recipes and check out advice on all kinds of other topics, like how to reduce your wardrobe.
  • The Pinch of Yum Instagram page is also a terrific choice if you want to drool over the wide variety of Lindsay’s tasty treats. You can get some step-by-step instructions from how-to videos. You also get a glimpse of Lindsay and some of her non-food related adventures.
  • Lindsay also manages a twitter where she doles out helpful hints and articles. One of the latest and most helpful is for those who want to save time and dishes. Check out 21 Low-Stress Weeknight Dinners to Make in One Pan.
  • Take a look at over 16K pins on her to-die-for Pinterest account. With over 60 boards to choose from, you can always find something to fulfill even the oddest craving.
  • Don’t forget Pinch of Yum’s YouTube channel. Not only does it have some awesome food recommendations, but you get to watch this quirky blogger take an axe to her kitchen wall. How could you possibly ask for more?

Now on to the Pinch of Yum website!

The Pinch of Yum home page is warm and inviting, featuring the newest recipe concoctions from Lindsay. The blog posts mostly consist of fantastic vegetarian recipes that can be wonderful for your body and incredibly yummy for your taste buds. She also has a delightful sense of humor and charisma that she uses to bring alive the experience of cooking.

If you jump over to the recipes page, you can find a ton of options for food. You can sort and organize by mealtime and, as an added bonus, filter for certain kinds of food like gluten free, superfoods, and vegan options. There are hundreds of different recipes to choose from, so no matter what you are craving, you can find something scrumptiously healthy. Most recipes also provide a nutrition fact sheet, which is perfect for those with a restrictive diet.

If you want to try a bit of heaven, you should not pass up this Mediterranean quinoa bowl recipe. It is packed full of pain-friendly goodies including spinach, kale, quinoa, and avocado. These tasty foods contain loads of magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids, iron, and fiber. The olive oil also helps in reducing inflammation. There is also a vegan option (as with a lot of these recipes), so feel free to ditch that feta for some white beans.

If you are a pain patient looking to make big changes to your diet, read Lindsay’s 60-day no sugar challenge. It gives some exceptional advice about her choice to cut out one of the worst parts of any diet.

But wait, there’s even more!

Lindsay has also published her own eBook – Tasty Food Photography. Why you ask? Other than being highly ambitious, one of the programs that she launched last year was to help others make their own food blogs. She offers some good advice through a post on her blog, as well as some other resources where beginners can really get some help. If you ever wanted to be a food blogger, you can get help from a true success.

Just by looking at some of her amazing and healthy recipes, you can see Lindsay has talent in photography, writing, and cooking. The best part about a Pinch of Yum though is that Lindsay brings her positive and supportive nature to everything she does. It doesn’t matter if it is a new recipe or even a recent issue she has overcome. Here is a perfect quote from Lindsay to summarize why you should look up this blog posthaste:

“The only real reason that I am taking the time to write this (and show you how things really work in my own messy brain – eek) is the hope that you walk away feeling encouraged and inspired to make small changes that help you JUST BE, and be okay.”

What new Pinch of Yum recipe will you try out today to help you change your diet (and your health) for the better?