Blueberry Parfait

Blueberry Parfait Find fuel in this sweet treat This recipe for yogurt parfait may seem like an indulgent treat, but it’s actually a healthy breakfast to fuel you throughout the day. The yogurt is rich in calcium and protein to support your bones and muscles. Blueberries and the flaxseed-speckled granola contain antioxidants and fiber to … Read more

Recipe Pasta Primavera

Ingredients: 1 lb. asparagus 1 lb. penne pasta 1 lemon 5 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil 3 baby zucchini 2 tbsp. chopped fresh basil 2 tbsp. chopped fresh chive 1/2 cup chopped fresh parsley Sea salt Freshly ground pepper 2 oz. goat cheese (for crumbling) Crushed red chili pepper flakes Boost Your Mood With This … Read more

Surf and Graze Recipe

By Jess O’Toole Winter salad can be just as refreshing as a summer salad, and even a bit luxurious. For this recipe, any fresh salad greens will do, but red leaf lettuce lends dramatic color paired with slices of pink grapefruit. Fresh herbs like mint and chives contribute bright flavor and marinated fennel is crisp … Read more

Editors Letter

BACK PAIN It’s early — too early. Your eyes open up and as you blink away the sleep from your eyes you remember that you should probably replace your bed, or flip it, or whatever the mattress people suggest. Either way, it’s just not comfortable. You roll to your side, and just as you start … Read more

Whole Grain

Try a delicious winter salad for the new year. By Jess O’Toole Whole grains serve as a filling and nutritious base for winter salads and your healthy diet. Wheat berries are whole-wheat kernels, and though they require a bit more effort than quick-cooking grains, the reward is in their nutty flavor and satisfying texture and … Read more

Painful Truth

A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.~ Proverbs 17:22 It’s 2013, the start of a new year, and we’ve got a big book ahead of you. This issue our focus is on opioids, and we want to set a few things straight before we get into it. First, … Read more

Kristen Wesley Battles Pain

We take medicine because it’s designed to fix a problem. Something is wrong with us — allergies, blood pressure, pain — and we use the medication to solve the issue. If there’s no other way to treat the problem, and medication is able to fix it, then that’s the path we take. But sometimes those … Read more

World Christmas Party Brings Kids Joy

By Kevin Whipps On December 9th at 4 pm at First Historic Church on 402 W. Monroe Ave, Arizona Pain Foundation and AZ Medical Foundation will hold their fifth annual Children Around the World Christmas party. It’s a special event for all that attend, because this isn’t just about giving back to the community, it’s … Read more

Difference Makers – Malawi

By Kevin Whipps While we spend our mornings waiting in line for a coffee, or complaining about the latest thing that happened on the news, a world away lives a country where almost 10 million people live on less than $1 a day. While we drive through our suburban neighborhoods, 85% of their population lives … Read more

Give Back Every Season

By Kevin WhippsIt’s the holiday season, and of course we’re all looking forward to hanging out with our friends and family, and maybe taking in a drumstick or two. But some people aren’t so lucky and don’t get the chance to see their families during December. Sometimes, not at all. That’s why it’s important to … Read more