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Our team of chiropractors are able to offer conservative treatment options for those patients who are looking for pain relief. These types of treatments may be used alone or in combination of other pain management treatments.

Our chiropractors utilize a wide variety of techniques to best address your symptoms and their expertise allows them to diagnose the cause of your pain and create a customized treatment program for your condition. We strongly believe that the partnership we develop with you will help you get your life back. Learn more about the Chiropractors and Doctors who will care for you.

Dr Chance MooreDr Nicole KiblerDr Jordan Gliedt

Chiropractic Locations

Arizona Pain Specialists bring you three conveniently located offices. Each office has all your treatment needs under one roof.

Each office offers double board certified pain physicians, multiple chiropractors, top train nurse practitioners, physicians assistants, and kind staff to accommodate your needs. If you are scheduling for chiropractic services patients are encouraged to schedule with any of our physicians for an evaluation of their symptoms at one of our eight valley locations.

Chiropractic Therapy

Everyone experiences and deals with pain differently.  Your pain is difficult to convey to your friends and family and even your doctors.  We often ask questions regarding the intensity, frequency, and duration of your pain episodes, but no one truly understands what you are feeling.  Your pain is YOUR pain, everyone is unique and different. This is why we offer so many options for pain relief. Working right along side our pain doctors are our certified chiropractors. Our chiropractors will add a comprehensive approach incorporating chiropractic techniques such as:

Our team approach allows patients to have the best available treatments options coordinated together.