Don’t miss Arizona Pain’s upcoming Chronic Pain Expo on Saturday Sept. 26 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge Resort and Spa, scheduled to coincide with Chronic Pain Awareness Month.

Hundreds attended last year, and this event promises to be even bigger and better. The Expo is a time for patients to enjoy direct access to experts representing the complete spectrum of pain treatments, ranging from holistic and alternative methods to highly specialized conventional procedures.

Arizona Pain co-founder Dr. Tory McJunkin says:

“It’s a really unique opportunity to have experts in many different fields at an event who are all focused on helping those who suffer with pain…Seeking out all these different experts would otherwise be very costly and time consuming.”

Indeed, the Expo allows patients to find answers to many of their questions across multiple specialties without booking a single doctor’s appointment. Learn more about interventional procedures like special injections that reduce pain and innovative therapies such as electrical impulses that quiet misfiring nerves.

You’ll also have the chance to talk with acupuncturists and mental health experts, and connect with local support groups.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to meet other attendees—people just like you who are making the best of life with chronic pain and continuing to search for answers. Don’t be shy about introducing yourself to others. You may learn something new from your peers, too!

New this year, the Expo will feature a collection of ongoing research studies in revolutionary areas.

Fields like stem cell research are poised to transform medicine, particularly for chronic pain patients, and Arizona Pain is excited to bring you the latest news on these exciting investigations. Enough time has passed that these ideas are more than just theory—they’re already impacting real patients’ lives.

Also at the Expo, Arizona Pain will reveal its internal data related to chronic pain and which of the many treatments it uses are most effective. It’s all part of our continuing effort to improve people’s lives by using our cumulative knowledge to shed light on the battle against pain.

Arizona Pain’s Chronic Pain Expo on Sept. 26 offers a special, once-a-year opportunity to access the Valley’s premier pain experts.

The wide variety of services represented at the Expo reflects Arizona Pain’s own commitment to creating comprehensive treatment plans for patients. McJunkin says:

“Research has shown that a comprehensive, multimodal approach to treating pain works best, and that is what we employ in our practice.”

Expos like this, where both patients and caregivers have access to a full range of information to simplify and improve their lives, are rare despite the large number of people suffering from chronic pain.

Roughly 100 million in the U.S. live with chronic pain, making the condition more common than cancer, heart disease, and diabetes combined, according to the American Academy of Pain Medicine (AAPM). Meanwhile, more than half of chronic pain patients said they felt powerless against the suffering.

This pain has a real impact. About 77% of patients surveyed by AAPM reported feelings of depression, and 70% said they had difficulty concentrating. Nearly 75% of patients said pain affected their energy levels, and a whopping 86% said pain disrupted their sleep.

Arizona Pain’s Chronic Pain Expo empowers patients with knowledge and resources to take charge of their health and reduce pain.

The good news is that numerous treatment options exist, many of which may be new to you. And some types of pain, like back pain, are highly treatable and often result from lifestyle factors like poor posture and low fitness levels. That means a series of simple changes made over time can dramatically reduce or even eliminate pain.

Patients with more complicated disorders like fibromyalgia can also benefit from the wide array of treatments available. Find answers to all your questions at the upcoming Expo.

The Expo has been designed this way, with so many experts in one room, because of the co-founders’ beliefs about good pain treatment. Arizona Pain’s central philosophy is that a good pain management plan hits the condition from all angles, using cutting-edge, traditional medical treatments combined with measures to reduce stress, improve fitness levels, and eat healthier foods all while including time-tested holistic practices like acupuncture and massage.

It’s a holistic approach, one that takes into consideration the mind, body, and spirit. This holistic, complementary approach has never been more important, especially considering the nationwide opioid epidemic shows no signs of slowing. Sadly, someone dies from an opioid overdose every 19 minutes.

The risks of taking opioids are overwhelming. Meanwhile, research shows the pills aren’t very effective at reducing chronic pain, only acute pain. Arizona Pain co-founder Dr. Paul Lynch says the tragedy of high overdose rates motivates him every day. He adds:

“This is one of the reasons why I’m so passionate about educating the public on the many integrative, holistic, and alternative options to treat chronic pain.”

Chronic pain is complex and often confounds family doctors who may not have the expertise to delve into the very individualized causes of pain that vary from person to person. McJunkin says:

“Our passion is to set people free from pain…The Chronic Pain Expo is a great way for patients to learn about all the different and new traditional and nontraditional treatment options that are available for those who are suffering.”

McJunkin also loves the opportunity to meet with people in a non-clinical environment. He, like the hundreds of people who attend, enjoys talking with the vendors to learn the latest techniques and approaches that are emerging to reduce suffering.

The event is open to all, but RSVPs are appreciated to make sure organizers have enough materials available. RSVP by clicking here.

Do you plan to attend the Arizona Chronic Pain Expo this year?

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