Watch Dr. Lynch Talk About Epidural Steroid Injections with Dr. Oz

Dr. Lynch Debates with Dr. Oz on the Safety of Epidural Steroid Injections

drozimagesWorld-famous Dr. Mehmet Oz had our own Dr. Paul Lynch on his show to discuss the dangers of epidural steroid injections. Dr. Oz argued that these injections are not safe and should not be used as a primary pain relief option. Dr. Lynch countered Dr. Oz by explaining that these injections are safe when both the positives and negatives are weighed into the equation. Dr. Lynch went on to indicate that Arizona Pain Specialists always consults with patients and seeks to educate them on the risks and benefits of any procedure including epidurals. Dr. Lynch explained to Dr. Oz that he will only perform this type of procedure when other types of conservative approaches fail to provide relief for the patient.

Watch Dr. Lynch’s response to Dr. Oz in the video below

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