Exercise To Injury Treatment: Stay On Track In January

January is a special time, full of energy and enthusiasm for new resolutions. At the core, resolutions are fueled by an image of you living at your best. The new you is already inside the existing you, just a few good habits and positive changes away.

As January recedes into February and life sometimes gets in the way of making those positive changes, try to keep in mind the enthusiasm and hope you had when selecting your resolutions. Even if you fall off track for a day, a week, or even longer, all is not lost. Each day is a new day and every moment carries the potential for new possibilities.

January ushers in a fresh start, but it’s never too late—or early—to try again.

You needn’t wait until 2016 to try again—try tomorrow! Or even better, try right now. Five minutes ago is the past and it no longer exists in the present moment. Eat five cookies? That’s okay. Keep it from being six. Every positive change builds on itself until it becomes habit.

This month on Inside Arizona Pain, we compiled tons of information and research to help you live life to the maximum and make 2015 your best year yet. This month’s focus was on exercise, yoga, and movement.

Increasing amounts of research is coming out showing that moving around is incredibly important for living a healthy life. People often think of spending 30 minutes at the gym or in an aerobics class, and that’s important, but so are the remaining 23 ½ hours of the day. What are you doing during that time? We hope this month’s articles inspire you to move!

Moving can be simple: Walk around the house or office after drinking a glass of water. Stretch your legs. Stand up! It’ll make you healthier.

You may wonder why doctors that help people manage or heal from pain talk so much about exercise, but it’s because we’re dedicated to helping our patients live healthy, full lives.

Pain is a complex issue, and we believe in comprehensive care that focuses on the whole person. We’re enthusiastic about the amazing things modern health care can accomplish and work to provide our patients with access to the most cutting-edge care.

However, we’re equally as passionate about making healthy lifestyle choices. That’s because making those healthy choices is an integral part of a successful pain management program. It’s hard to feel good when you aren’t eating the right foods or exercising.

Health is more than the absence of disease. It’s about feeling good and having the energy to enthusiastically engage with life.

Early in the month, we wrote about how exercise can help you achieve non-related resolutions. Want to pay down debt or perhaps better organize your home? Exercise could help you achieve either of these things. Read the article to learn the secrets.

You’ll also learn about intriguing new research that dives into the molecular changes taking place in the body during exercise and meet the powerful molecule behind it all.

Many pain patients may wonder how to exercise at all, given daily discomfort. We’ve got you covered with this month’s article revealing the top tips for exercising safely with pain and simple ways to get moving.

On that note, you may be looking for new places to exercise. Whether you’re bored of the gym or can’t afford a membership, check out our article sure to inspire your imagination with new places and ways to exercise. The opportunities are endless and we’ve collected a few ideas to get you started.

Arizona residents know January is prime season for outdoor activities. Break free of routine and read about new places to exercise outdoors. You’ll also learn about research showing the dramatic impact exercising outdoors has on overall health.

If you’ve been wanting to try yoga, don’t miss the article exploring the differences between Bikram yoga and hot yoga. Pain patients have special considerations when undertaking any type of exercise, especially something vigorous like heated yoga. This article provides the low-down so you can practice while staying safe.

Another big safety consideration when practicing yoga is alignment. This month, we talk about how practicing with a yoga teacher reduces the risk of injury and ensures you get the most out of your practice. Plus, we reveal easy ways to find affordable classes.

Exercise offers incredible health benefits, but an unfortunate downfall is the occasional injury. We’ve got you covered this month with an easy guide to treating those minor strains and sprains and get you up and going again in no time.

One of the reasons exercise is so important is because so many people spend a lot of their days sitting. We mentioned earlier that researchers are beginning to recognize the serious health impacts of prolonged sitting. Some doctors are even calling it the new smoking.

This month, we reveal the top dangers of sitting, and then give you pointers to reduce the amount of time spent sitting. Learn how to work from a standup desk and integrate movement seamlessly into the workday. Even people who work in offices can rethink their daily routine to create more activity and improve health.

January also marks National Blood Donor Month, a time when the need for donated blood heightens but the supply of donors falls. Read this article to learn why and how you can help.

Also happening this month, the movie Cake hits theaters. The film stars Jennifer Aniston as a woman suffering from chronic pain. Read our preview of the movie, head on out to see it, and be sure to comment back and let us know what you think.

How are you doing on your New Year’s resolutions now that January is coming to a close?

Image by Dr. Abdullah Naser via Flickr