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Golf Program – Arizona Pain Specialists

Golf programs teach many aspects of the game of golf including swing technique. The effort involved in a full swing requires form, flexibility and strength. Contrary to popular perceptions, Golf is an impact sport. In fact, all strain sprains common to other sports are also common to Golf. Some of the more common injuries include; Golfer’s elbow, hand & wrist injuries, shoulder injuries and back pain.

Back pain is one of the most debilitating injuries in the sport of Golf. It prevents proper rotation during a full swing and can be very painful when bending to putt or chip. This is not only painful, but can dramatically impact enjoyment of the game.

An example would be facet joint pain. It’s one of the more common conditions and often goes undiagnosed. Facet joints are sensitive to the bending and rotation that is present in any golf swing. Patients commonly find relief from facet joint pain through treatment involving medial branch blocks.

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