January On Inside Arizona Pain: Starting The New Year Off Right

The first month of the new year is a special time, full of hope for the future and visions of what that life could look like. We’re buoyed by optimism for a life that feels good, where we live in accordance with our biggest goals while expanding ideas of what we know is possible.

By the time February rolls around, it’s inevitable that some of that hope deflates. We see that life is still life, it will never be perfect. But instead of allowing that knowledge to defeat us, we can use it to make our goals increasingly more practical, so they serve our actual lives instead of the lives we wish we had. And this month, we focused on ways to do just that as we head into the new year.

Ringing in the New Year

How to enjoy the year’s biggest celebration the healthy way? This year’s New Year’s Eve may be over, but keep these ideas in mind for next year.

Finding inspiration

Simplify the process of making positive changes by surrounding yourself with inspiration. If you’re not sure how to make something happen, chances are someone else does. When you hit a stumbling block, simply ask yourself how to move around it instead of wondering if you will overcome it.

  • Sites We Love: Sonima: This wellness site mixes the best of modern science, ancient wellness, and mind/body inspiration. Its slogan is “Live fit, live free,” and we think you’ll find the philosophy a helpfully practical one as you learn to live your best life, whatever that means for you.
  • How To Use The Internet For Fitness Motivation: Researchers have found connecting to online social networks helps supercharge your commitment to keeping up with your fitness adventures. Don’t miss this article to learn how to tap into this powerful, yet accessible way to stay inspired and increase your level of health and wellbeing.
  • These 14 Instagram Fitness Stars Offer Non-Stop Motivation: Social media offers abundant inspiration, and many fitness stars offer fitness tips, meal ideas, and even free challenges for accountability and workout ideas. This article reveals more than a dozen ‘grammers whose feeds will leave you raring to lace up your sneakers and hit the streets.

Practical tips for getting in shape

Deciding to exercise more is only the first step to creating a new habit. It’s helpful to learn more about specific types of exercise and ways to track your progress. This keeps you motivated, safe, on track with your fitness goals.

  • Do Apps And Wearable Technology Help Or Hurt Fitness Goals?: Technology now touches all areas of our lives, and fitness is one of the more emerging areas. In this article, you’ll learn which is better, a smartphone app or wearable device, and discover the benefits and drawbacks to using technology to track fitness.
  • Hip Strengthening Found To Relieve Leg Pain: Did you know weak hips cause some types of leg pain? As we age, the hip joint loses strength and flexibility, potentially affecting the body’s structural integrity. Don’t miss this article to learn must-do exercises to strengthen those hips and reduce some types of leg pain.
  • Dancing To Reduce Hip And Leg Pain: Dancing not only brings a smile to your face, but it also reduces chronic pain. Researchers have examined this ancient recreational activity and discovered transformative benefits. In this article, learn the benefits you could experience and tips to bring dancing into your life.
  • The Ultimate Exercise Guide For Diabetes Patients And Those At Risk: Studies have unfortunately shown that people with diabetes or at-risk must exercise harder to achieve the same results. However, studies are also revealing the specific types of exercise you can do to experience the maximum benefit. Read this article to find out which ones.
  • The Benefits Of Strength Training For The Elderly: Strength training has massive benefits for people of all ages, especially the elderly. You’re never too old for fitness! Don’t miss this article to find out the dramatic difference even a small effort makes, discover safety tips, and learn simple exercises that will give you big results.

Fitness on a budget

Not everyone has big dollars to spend on luxury gym memberships or fancy exercise classes. If you’re worried that budget constraints will ruin your efforts to be healthy in the new year, erase those fears! You have all the opportunity in the world to get fit and enjoy the benefits of increased physical wellbeing.

  • 5 Best Cheap or Free Ways For Pain Patients To Exercise: From biking to body weight and beyond, when the world is your gym, the possibilities are endless. In this article, discover budget-friendly options for upping your heart rate while having fun at the same time.
  • How To Exercise At Home Without Fitness Equipment: No dumbells? No problem. Don’t miss this guide to transforming everyday objects around the house into tools you can use to reach your fitness goals.
  • 6 Places To Exercise For Free In Phoenix: Whether you’re looking for solo fitness opportunities or seeking a new group of workout buddies to hit the trails with, exercising around town doesn’t have to mean forking over big chunks of change for fitness classes. The good news is that there are plenty of free classes around town. The great news is that you have so many tantalizing options that you might have somewhere better to be.

The latest at Arizona Pain

We love keeping you, our readers and patients, up to date on our behind-the-scenes action. We hope these messages help you get to know us better this new year. We love sharing our journey with you, just as you so kindly share yours with us.

  • Arizona Pain Cares: We’re switching up the philosophy behind our communications this new year, focusing more on patients’ real lives and solutions. This will affect nearly everything we do. Read this article to learn more about the types of stories we’ll be featuring and discover how this knowledge will add to your life.
  • Inside The Lab: Learn More About Our Holistic Pain Research Study: At Arizona Pain, we’re hot on the trail of cutting-edge medicine. Don’t miss this update about our latest pain research and learn ways you might be able to access the latest, most promising treatments right here in the Valley.

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