July on Arizona Pain: Back Pain Uncovered

Back pain is one of the most common, costly, and life-diminishing health concerns. Fortunately, it’s also highly treatable. That’s why we dedicated the month of July to exploring upper and lower back pain, including its causes and treatments.

Back pain ranks among one of the most common health concerns. Fortunately, relief is in sight.

Arizona Pain kicked the month off with the Top 7 Facts About Back Pain, your go-to guide to learn all the basics. The article covers the most effective ways of treating back pain, and we also reveal the common, but completely avoidable things people may do that actually aggravate pain.

Next, we dove into the shockingly strong link between smoking and back pain in What Is The Link Between Smoking And Back Pain? Did you know that smokers are three times more likely than non-smokers to develop the health condition?

You’ll learn the reasons why researchers believe this link exists. We also reveal the one bright spot in this research and give tips for quitting if you or any or your loved ones are thinking about dropping the habit.

A good night’s sleep is supposed to make you feel refreshed, but have you ever woken up feeling worse? It could be your mattress. Or your pillow. Or the way you sleep! If you feel like that’s a lot to consider and you’re not sure where to start, read Is Your Bed Causing Your Back Pain?

We reveal the expert-recommended ways to know if your mattress is in need of being replaced. We also detail the best way to select the right pillow and explore the most supportive sleeping positions so you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start the day.

Later in the month, we explored back pain in the workplace on Arizona Pain. Back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide, which adds up to a lot of lost workdays. What’s more, many people develop their back pain at work, either from working sedentary office jobs with a poor desk setup or on a work site, doing manual labor in awkward positions for long periods of time.

Learn the Arizona Pain top secrets to reduce workplace-related back pain. Pain on the job is common, but avoidable.

In the article How To Reduce Work-Related Back Pain, you’ll learn the best ways to reduce pain, no matter if you spend your days working at a desk or with a jackhammer.

How is your employer when it comes to making workplace accommodations for supporting back health? Hopefully, your boss is wise to such matters, but some companies are going above and beyond the norm when it comes to encouraging employee health.

Spurred by the idea that happy and healthy employees boost the bottom line, many workplaces are developing innovative wellness programs that not only have the potential to reduce insurance premiums, but also help to attract and retain top-talent in an increasingly competitive market.

This month’s article Workplace Wellness Programs Target Employee Health reveals some of the more interesting ways employers are encouraging employee health. Who knows, maybe some of them are hiring?

No matter where you work, spending long hours at a desk increases the risk for back pain. That’s because a sedentary lifestyle is a top risk factor, and long work days make it hard to sneak fitness in.

However, setting up your desk so it supports spinal health is an excellent way to reduce the risk of pain. Our article also covers a few non-traditional ways of achieving optimal skeletal alignment that could help you burn extra calories. Burning calories and improving productivity? Sounds like a win-win.

It seems like almost every day a new back pain treatment appears on the scene, complete with reports that it’s life changing. But do these miracle treatments really stack up? This month’s article Mythbusters: Do These Novel Back Pain Treatments Work? explores some of these new treatments. In it, our experts reveal their verdicts on whether the techniques work, and more importantly, if they’re even safe to try.

Magnets for back pain? Find out if the treatment works on this month’s Arizona Pain.

Back pain is definitely not fun to live with, but we have good news for you. If you’re like most patients, back pain is highly treatable. Don’t miss the approach we’ve outlined for you in The Ultimate Back Pain Treatment That Works 90% Of The Time.

A major caveat is that this approach, although effective, requires patient participation. The more you participate in your treatment, the more effective it will be. That guideline is the general rule for most matters of health, particularly when it comes to keeping a healthy weight.

Over the past few years, childhood obesity rates have skyrocketed. Five years ago, First Lady Michelle Obama kicked off the Let’s Move initiative that sought to change that. Read about what’s changed over the past five years in Let’s Move Childhood Obesity Initiative Celebrates 5 Years—But Is It Working?

You’ll learn how lunchrooms are changing and how communities are evolving to collectively tackle what Obama calls one of the major issues of our time.

Later in the month on Arizona Pain, we dove into one of our specialties at Arizona Pain—chiropractic care. You may have heard about this type of medical care, and if you don’t know how it works, definitely read the article How Does Chiropractic Care Work? Think of it as your go-to guide for learning all about this effective form of back pain treatment.

Next, we get a little bit more specific about the types of treatments used in What Chiropractic Methods Are Used To Treat Low Back Pain? This article gives you the low-down so you know exactly what to expect before you even step foot in a chiropractor’s office.

If you love all the health and wellness information we write about on this blog, you’ll love MindBodyGreen. Arizona Pain operates from a holistic mindset, which means we encourage people to take a look at their mind and body to achieve optimal health, and MindBodyGreen espouses a similar viewpoint. Even better, the site was founded by a former chronic pain patient who turned his pain into passion.

We think you’ll not only love this website, but the inspiring story about how the company came to be.

If you’re looking for some off-line reading material, don’t miss this month’s article revealing our top picks for chronic pain memoirs. These inspiring stories will have you feeling less alone, and we hope they’ll give you some pep in your step as you continue fighting the good fight against pain.

Arizona Pain capped off the month with Top 5 Sources For Back Pain News, which features authoritative news sources so you can stay on top of the latest research and find out about new treatments as soon as they hit the streets.

What was your favorite article this month on Arizona Pain?

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