March Reads: How To Live Healthy While Loving Your Body

Those looking to rev up their nutrition will find an abundance of inspiration in March, from ways to lose weight without losing your mind to tips on loving yourself no matter what you look like. Because ultimately, it’s all about feeling good and living your best life.

That’s why the month began with an article discussing how to feel good about yourself no matter your weight.

Every body is different and learning to appreciate yourself unconditionally is the foundation of all healthy lifestyle changes.

Next, you’ll find a list of body positive bloggers and social media mavens who supply steady streams of wisdom and advice. Some of these inspirational people have made names for themselves by maintaining and loving their curves while leading a healthy lifestyle. Others’ buff physiques belie the significant personal struggles they’ve surmounted while chiseling their muscles and changing their lives.

You’ll also read about a new organization called LatinaStrong. The initiative seeks to raise awareness about health and wellness in the Hispanic community through outreach programs targeted to women. Latinas, according to the organization’s founder, are influential in making household decisions. They can sway others to keep those routine doctor’s appointments, make healthy food choices, and create healthy habits like walking after dinner.

This well-rounded view of wellness, from nutrition to exercise to a healthy mindset, is a cornerstone philosophy of Arizona Pain. We devote so much time and space to talking about it because we believe all these factors are influential in managing pain.

Increasing the amount of healthy, anti-inflammatory foods in your diet and making an effort to exercise — these steps sound simple, but they can significantly help diminish pain and improve quality of life.

We have become so accustomed to looking to powerful medications to alleviate our pain and heal us when sometimes the most profound methods of feeling better lie in our kitchen cabinets and daily routines. Particularly in chronic pain, where powerful opioids have done little more than cause addiction and in some cases, death through overdose, the underlying truth that medicine is not always the best option has never been more obvious.

Studies now show that opioids do little to alleviate long-term chronic pain for many patients, but those same medications can destroy lives and cause significant health problems. Meanwhile, a cornucopia of healthy fruits, vegetables, and lifestyle modifications like diet and exercise are available to help people feel better. These lifestyle changes complement the medications and medical treatments we offer. We’re committed to your health and finding long-term strategies to fight chronic pain.

Heal your body from the inside out with nutrition and healthy lifestyle changes.

People looking to make dietary shifts and find healthy substitutes for their favorite foods will enjoy this month’s rendition of Eat This Not That. In the mood for a burger and French fries? No problem, we’ve got you covered with healthier alternatives.

You’ll also read about breakfast and the amazing health benefits it offers, plus learn one reason why some health experts actually advocate skipping that morning meal.

Meanwhile, balmy springtime temperatures mark the perfect occasion to get outside and enjoy Arizona’s beautiful weather. If you’re nurturing an inner foodie or wanting to explore all the wonderful local food the state has to offer, be sure to check out this month’s article on Eating Healthy Food the Fun Way in Arizona.

Farmers markets and fun restaurants serving locally grown produce abound, and you’ll also learn about local olive mills and farms that welcome visitors for pick-your-own produce.

Arizona’s farm friendly food scene offers an abundance of ways to eat local, nutritious food all while having fun.

Next, let’s talk about the smoothie and juice craze. Chances are you’ve seen green drinks floating around, and not just on St. Patrick’s Day. Maybe you’ve even tried one of the fruit-and-vegetable concoctions, but are they really worth all the hype? Find out by reading Drink To Your Health: A Guide To Smoothies And Juices. You’ll learn the benefits and drawbacks to each, plus learn tips to try out the healthy drinks at home.

While smoothies and juices are mostly good for you, other drinks are veritable minefields for your health, causing spikes in blood sugar and even increasing risk of heart attack or stroke. Learn about the worst offenders in 4 Drinks That Could Be Hurting Your Health and the insidious ways these beverages are impacting your body.

Water is perhaps one of the most ubiquitous beverages, if not one of the more boring. Drinking plain ol’ H2O is critical for your health, and searing summertime temperatures make your body crave more, particularly in the dry heat of Arizona.

People are often dehydrated without realizing it, and sometimes conditions like fatigue and arthritis are worsened by not drinking enough water. Learn the details and the simple ways to tell if you’re dehydrated in Could Less Pain Be A Glass Of Water Away?

Later in the month, we dive into some of the details of eating healthy. In 5 Ways To Lose Weight Without Starving Yourself, you’ll learn about how to successfully drop pounds without deprivation. You’ll also learn why deprivation could actually be a big reason why previous weight loss efforts have failed.

We’re all about feeling good at Arizona Pain, and that means enjoying sweet and savory items in addition to balancing it out with plenty of healthy food.

A big stumbling block for many people embarking on a weight loss journey is the high cost and big time commitment often required to cook healthy meals. Chronic pain patients must also circumvent joint pain and fatigue that often makes it difficult to chop vegetables or prepare food.

We’ve got you covered this month in Healthy Eating The Fast, Cheap, and Easy Way. The article is chock full of tips to save time, money, and effort. Figuring out ways to incorporate healthy food into your lifestyle in a way that you can manage long-term is essential for any successful healthy eating initiative.

Chocoholics will definitely want to read this month’s article on the health benefits of the favored food. We’ll also reveal how to pick the healthiest types of chocolate and how to indulge without overdoing it. This read is essential for anyone with a sweet tooth who’s looking to continue enjoying dessert without sacrificing their health.

What was your favorite article this March from Inside Arizona Pain?

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