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Welcome to the Mountain View Surgery Center of Phoenix

Your Procedure – Patients in Phoenix and Glendale

If you have a procedure coming up, our team of highly qualified doctors and nurses will treat you at the Mountain View Surgery Center of Phoenix.

Before your procedure, you may receive as many as three phone calls. The final phone call will come a few days prior to your procedure and will include a routine health assessment, instructions for what to do on the day of the procedure, and answers to any questions you might have about the upcoming procedure.

The surgery center’s office may call you to discuss financial matters, such as your responsibility for co-payments and deductibles.

After your procedure is complete, your anesthesiologist may contact you to check up on how you are feeling.

On the day of the surgery, please sit in our waiting area and enjoy reading a magazine like Arizona Pain Monthly, our magazine distributed by the practice specifically for patient education. Other magazines and high definition TVs are also available for you to enjoy while you wait.

Our primary goal at the Mountain View Surgery Center of Phoenix is your health and safety. We will take excellent care of you just as we would our own mom or dad.