Arizona Pain Specialists is excited to offer educational videos to our patients! Learn from The Pain Show, a topical, informative show that covers topics ranging from pain conditions, pain treatments, and health and wellness tips. See patient testimonials and learn how a certain procedure may be the cure you are looking for. Watch exciting procedure footage that takes you into the OR and learn exactly what will happen during your pain procedure.

Procedure Videos

Opioid News and Reaction Videos

Chiropractic Videos – The chiropractors at Arizona Pain Specialists provide valuable information on conditions and treatments as well as general information to improve your knowledge and well-being.


The Pain Show – Quickly catapulting to viral fame, The Pain Show features exciting segments that are in an easy-to-understand format. Hear experts in pain management discuss the latest procedures and technologies, see live procedure videos, and hear from patients that have undergone procedures to see total eradication of their pain.

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Live Procedure Videos – Filmed live, procedure videos brought to you by Arizona Pain Specialists take you inside the OR during a procedure. See exactly how a procedure is performed, and get all of your questions answered prior to your own procedure.

Shotgun Shrapnel SCS | Epidural Injection | Knee Injection | Vertebroplasty | More

As Seen On TV – As Arizona Pain Specialists strives to always bring patients the latest in the field of pain management, we have brought this information to television in a relatable format. See appearances on Your Life A to Z in addition to other programming.

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Pain Relief Success Stories – Patients are often afraid to undergo a procedure, as they are not sure what the outcome will be, what it will feel like, and how it will all transpire. By viewing patient success stories, you can see actual patients – just like you – who have gone through exactly what you are going through. Take comfort from knowing that they are eager to bring you their story, and help you the way they have been helped.

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