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Arizona Pain Specialists helps people reclaim their lives and get them back to the things they enjoy. No matter where you are experiencing pain, Arizona Pain Specialists will find the source of the pain; then treat your pain using a comprehensive approach.

Spinal Cord Stimulator To Control Pain

Jeff Brigham describes his history of excruciating pain that was finally relieved by the physicians at Arizona Pain Specialists. Our physicians helped Jeff by implanting a spinal cord stimulator trial which led to a permanent implant. Jeff now manages his pain with the device.

Pain Basics: Where Does Pain Come From?

Dr. Paul Lynch and Dr. Tory McJunkin discuss the basics of pain diagnosis and treatment. Arizona Pain Specialists are the pain relief experts and specialize in providing cutting-edge interventional pain relief procedures.

Facial Pain Cured

Dr. Tory McJunkin and Dr. Paul Lynch discuss treatment of their patient, Fran Baumgartner, who suffered from facial pain. Dr. McJunkin was able to accurately diagnose and treat Fran so that he can smile again without pain after seeing more than 24 other physicians.

Vertebroplasty For A Back Fracture

Dr. Paul Lynch and Dr. Tory McJunkin discuss treatment of compression fractures utilizing vertebroplasty. Dan Foley tells the story of his ATV accident that resulted in a fracture in his spine that was successfully treated by this approach.

Pain Training And Diagnostic Skills: Why Arizona Pain Specialists?

Dr. Tory McJunkin and Dr. Paul Lynch discuss their fellowship training at Texas Tech which allows them to diagnose a wide range of complex pain syndromes leading to individualized treatment plans for patients.

Arizona Pain Commercial

Pain is debilitating. Do not let pain make you miss out from special moments with your family. Arizona Pain Specialists is located in the Phoenix valley with offices in Scottsdale, Glendale, and Chandler. We can treat your painful condition.

The Basics Of Arizona Pain Specialists

Dr. Paul Lynch and Dr. Tory McJunkin introduce the premiere pain relief clinic in Scottsdale Arizona, Arizona Pain Specialists. They describe why they are the pain relief experts and list a wide variety of treatment options.

Chiropractic Care Cures Back Pain

Arizona Pain Specialists introduces chiropractor Dr. Chance Moore. The chiropractic department offers chiropractic manipulation, acupuncture, and cold laser light therapy among other treatments.

Knee Pain Kept Me From Hiking

Arizona Pain Specialists have treated a number of debilitating pain symptoms such as neck pain, back pain, and facial pain. Arizona Pain Specialists use interventional procedures like epidural steroid injections, radiofrequency ablation, and vertebroplasty.

Jamie Varner In Pain

Jamie Varner has recently teamed up with Arizona Pain Specialists, crediting them as the only medical facility tough enough to treat MMA fighters.