Chiropractic Videos

Chiropractor, Dr. Nicole Kilber, Discusses Acupuncture

Acupuncture has been found to be a successful alternative treatment for many different painful conditions. Recently, the Mayo Clinic published an article describing the proposed neuroscientific mechanisms thought to be influenced by acupuncture, which include Central Nervous System Stimulation and Endorphin Release.

Chiropractor, Dr. Chance Moore, shows proper posture and sitting position in the workplace

Three very simple points can change drastically improve the way you feel after a long day in your office chair. Chiropractor Dr. Chance Moore explains these simple points and what action you can take.

Dr. Nicole Kibler Talks about Chiropractic Adjustment and demos several techniques

Arizona Pain Specialists Dr. Nicole Kibler talks about Chiropractic Adjustment including; Spinal Manipulation, Toggle Adjustment, Table Drop Technique, the Activator tool and Lumbar Roll Technique. Arizona Pain Specialists have several locations around the Scottsdale/Phoenix area.

Flexion Distraction Dr. Kibler

Dr. Nicole Kibler, of Arizona Pain Specialists, discusses Flexion Distraction