Arizona Pain Foundation

The Arizona Pain Foundation was created by Phoenix-based pain physicians, Dr. Paul Lynch and Dr. Tory McJunkin. As Christians, they sought a philanthropic way to reach the community at large, both locally and internationally. Founded in 2009, the foundation’s mission is to share the love of God by bringing compassion, healing, and resources to those in need. This is accomplished by supporting international missionaries, supporting local nonprofit community work, and promoting prescription drug abuse resistance to youth in Arizona.

Ongoing Contributions

  • Assemblies of God
  • Compassion Int’l Donations
  • In His Image International
  • International Outreach Ministries
  • Just Give
  • SIM USA Inc.
  • Thin Blue Line

Prior Donations

  • Abundant Designs LLC
  • Arizona Medical Clinic
  • Feed My Starving Children
  • Fresh Start Women’s Foundation
  • It’s A Child’s Life Foundation
  • Mountain View Family Church
  • Sun Valley Community Church
  • Susan G Komen

Past Arizona Pain Foundation Events

In the past, the Foundation organized two events, including outreach to a homeless shelter in Nogales, Arizona and filling food boxes at a Phoenix food pantry. The events brought together more than 50 volunteers. The Foundation’s support of missionaries includes small monthly donations to a handful of Christians working in the developing world, as well as one-time donations to applicants attending mission trips.

Arizona Pain Foundation Anti-Drug Outreach

The Founders, in partnership with a strong group of Christian leaders on the board of directors, plan to expand their charity work by reaching more youth in the Phoenix area who may be susceptible to abusing prescription medications. The leadership of the Arizona Pain Foundation is passionate about educating the public about prescription drug abuse and preventing the resulting tragedies. We are regularly seeking speaking and funding opportunities in Arizona to reach children with this anti-drug message.

Arizona Pain Foundation Past Events | Annual Christmas party for refugee children | Cycling for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society