Patient Profile – Yvonne Turner Gonzalez

Yvonne, Turner-Gonzalez, 43 from Chandler, says Dr. Tory McJunkin’s care improved her quality of life.

Q: What brought you to APS?
I suffer from migraines, and upper/ lower back pain. My arms and legs would go numb because of radiating pain. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, and bulging/cracked discs.

Q: how are you feeling now?
I’ve seen great improvement – I have not had any migraines for more than a year. My arms and my legs don’t go numb, and I haven’t had to take the 5 medications previously prescribed for migraines, nor several other medications for body and joint pain. My level of pain has gone from a 10 to a 3-4 on my worst days.

Q: how has your quality of life been improved due to this care?
A: Tremendously! I’m able do many activities that I could not do before, like walking my son to school, exercising, house chores and my favorite activity – art. I can paint, carve, crochet and draw. being pain free has allowed me to go to art shows where my work is being shown. My recent accomplishments can be directly related to the procedures received at APS with Dr. McJunkin.

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