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View any of our patient stories below to learn about pain conditions and treatments. Chronic pain effects one in every five people, but there is good news. You don’t have to live in chronic pain any longer. At Arizona Pain, we know we can help you get your life back. The greatest testament to our comprehensive approach to pain management is brought to you by our patients. These are their patient stories.

These dynamic individuals were just going about their daily lives, accomplishing goals, living life to the fullest, and being awesome until chronic pain hit them, in many cases out of nowhere! Being blindsided by chronic pain can be a very maddening experience, but each one of these individuals overcame chronic pain and have found ways to eliminate it and minimize it, so they can continue to live their lives the way they did before chronic pain.

We want you to watch our patient stories to be inspired to learn about all they have accomplished since living pain-free and to realize for yourself that you, too, can beat chronic pain and live your life again. If you are in pain and are ready to move on with your life, give us a call 480-845-0564 or reach out to us through one of our contact forms on this site. We know we can help you just like we have for these patients.

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KFYI Radio Host Mike Broomhead’s Story

KFYI Radio Host Mike Broomhead woke up one day with intense shooting pain. Broomhead, a former bull rider, was feeling the aches and pains of worn-out muscles and bones. He had been to several different pain clinics in and around Phoenix but then he came to Arizona Pain, and his outlook on life changed. Watch his story and find out why.

Olympian Tere Derbez-Zacher’s Story

Tere Derebez-Zacher was in so much pain she couldn’t walk, let alone run and was suffering from chronic pain. After searching all over Phoenix and the valley, she found relief at Arizona Pain and thinks all athletes in pain should do the same. She has advice for anyone who is in chronic pain.

Kristen’s Story

Former junior Olympic softball pitcher, Kristen had sharp, shooting back pain that caused so much discomfort that she used to cry herself to sleep. When she was first diagnosed, other doctors put her on high doses of narcotics that only slightly relieved her pain. Arizona Pain provided alternative treatment options that enabled her to get off these medications and begin enjoying activities she had not been able to do for years.

Carrie Lash’s Story

After her first two diagnostic appointments with local numbing, Cari had ZERO pain for a couple months. After the procedure she had no more leg pain. Cari went from constant pain for eight years to zero pain the past six months.

Bryan Howell’s Story

Ironman Bryan Howell had chronic pain that he thought would never go away. Then he found Arizona Pain. Watch Bryan Howell’s story as he talks about how Arizona Pain helped him find relief.

Julie Shatluck’s Story

Julie was 17 years old when she woke up and couldn’t stand up straight. She was in so much pain that she thought she might not be able to achieve her dreams of going to college and becoming a dentist. Julie was treated by Dr. Lynch and Arizona Pain.

MMA Fighter Jamie Varner’s Story

Jamie has experienced his fair share of pain due to things like a broken hand, broken foot, injured NCL, injured knee, and chronic lower back pain. Arizona Pain was able to Jamie back in to the cage feeling pain-free.

Gildardo Vergara Calderon’s Story

Gildardo was deployed in Iraq when he started feeling pain that continued to get worse and worse. He was so depressed that there were mornings he couldn’t even get out of bed. After a visit with Arizona Pain, Gildardo can now hold his baby boy in his arms.

Dan Foley’s Story

Dan was at the dunes when he hit a big drop that damaged his spine. He couldn’t do even the simplest things, but then he came to Arizona Pain. Now, he’s back to doing the things he wants.

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