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Finish Line – D.C. to New York City2016-10-24T14:06:21-07:00
Pennsylvania to Washington, D.C.2016-10-24T14:06:21-07:00
Indiana to Pennsylvania2016-10-24T14:06:21-07:00
St. Louis, MO to South Bend, IN2016-10-24T14:06:22-07:00
Oklahoma to St. Louis, MO2016-10-24T14:06:22-07:00
New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma2016-10-24T14:06:22-07:00
Phoenix to New Mexico2016-10-24T14:06:22-07:00
Oceanside, CA to Phoenix, AZ2016-10-24T14:06:22-07:00
Meet Jeff Grabosky2016-10-24T14:06:22-07:00