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Dr. Lynch – Ice Bucket Challenge2016-10-24T14:06:14-07:00
Dr. Lynch Chats with Dr. Oz2016-10-24T14:06:14-07:00
Arizona Pain In the News2016-10-24T14:06:15-07:00
New Clinical Stem Cell Trial2016-10-24T14:06:16-07:00
New Stem Cell Breakthrough2016-10-24T14:06:16-07:00
Stem Cells to Regenerate Discs2016-10-24T14:06:16-07:00
Stop Sex Trafficking – Fox 102016-10-24T14:06:17-07:00
Opioid Radio Discussion2016-10-24T14:06:18-07:00
KPHO – Christmas Party Coverage2016-10-24T14:06:22-07:00
KNXV – Christmas Party Coverage2016-10-24T14:06:22-07:00
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