Aaron Wiegand, D.C.

Aaron Wiegand

Dr. Wiegand has been providing relief to his community in North Phoenix and Desert Ridge for over 15 years. As a second-generation Chiropractic Physician, Dr. Wiegand and his team have been dedicated to helping people return to doing the things they love, Pain-Free as quickly as possible.

Dr. Wiegand combines his chiropractic family tradition with his education in Physiological Science he received from the University of Arizona, to deliver care that’s rooted in the modern science of rehabilitation and pain relief. His care is straight-forward as he uses a unique combination of Chiropractic, Physical Medicine, Dry Needling, Medical Acupuncture, and Rehabilitation to help his patients meet their goals of pain relief and returning to their daily routine.

Due to the complex nature of the injuries he sees, Dr. Wiegand works with a network of physicians that include Orthopedists, Surgeons, Neurological and Psychological specialists. He not only treats patients full time, but also trains other Chiropractors and Physical Therapists. This sets Dr. Wiegand apart as one of the top Pain Management Doctors in the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas.

His focus on pain relief stems from seeing family members suffer with chronic back and neck pain. His mother suffered migraines for years which is why he finds treating these debilitating headaches as one the most rewarding parts of the job. Dr. Wiegand knows that while there are times when medication or surgery are inevitable, that patients don’t want to rely on these as their only options.

Chiropractic can offer a safe and natural solution the vast majority of the time whether it’s just an adjustment, an adjustment with therapy, or even working with their medical doctor to find a solution. He knows that every patient is unique, wants to take an active role choosing the treatment options that are right for them.