September On Arizona Pain

September is an important month in terms of awareness efforts, and this month we covered several that affect the pain community. We also offered innovative ways to get involved.

Other topics covered this month included in-depth examinations of weightier topics, including the obstacles some minority groups face when searching for medical care. Between cultural barriers, misunderstandings, and occasional discrimination, some people have a more difficult time than others finding the care they need.

Chronic Pain Expo!

This event is Arizona Pain’s premier annual offering, and it happens every September. We’re especially proud of it because it’s the real-life version of the philosophies that drive our medical practice everyday. Even if you weren’t able to attend on the 26th, we encourage you to read about it. Our posts give a good overview of all the options available to you on your journey to feeling better.

  • Chronic Pain Expo Brings Together Valley’s Premier Pain Experts: Learn all the event details here, including what types of health experts will be in attendance and what happenings are new this year. You can also sign up to receive notifications about the event next year.
  • Frequently Asked Questions About The Chronic Pain Expo: Find answers to all your lingering questions about the Expo here, along with more in-depth information about what you can expect to learn at next year’s Expo.

Awareness Initiatives

September is a busy month for awareness initiatives, including pain awareness, suicide prevention, and active aging. Inside Pain is your hub to learn about these efforts and how you can incorporate the knowledge into your life.

  • Pain Awareness Month: Sharing Your Story To Change The World: This year, we challenge everyone who lives with chronic pain to be the change and share a personal story. Read this article to find the inspiration to overcome fear and get your story out into the world. You’ll also find tips on where to post information and ways to connect with others who are also sharing their stories.
  • Chronic Pain And Depression Increase Suicide Risk, Both Are Treatable: One of the more sobering statistics about chronic pain is its link to depression and suicide. September is National Suicide Prevention Month, and we wanted to raise awareness. This article explores the connection between pain and depression, and offers ways to find help.
  • How To Exercise Safely During Active Aging Week: Staying active is one of the most important things you can do to stay as healthy as possible while you age. In this guide, you’ll find fitness safety tips and access to a free program to support your new fitness habit. It might just change your life!

Living Better With Pain

Life with chronic pain doesn’t have to mean a life only on opioids. In fact, research shows opioids aren’t very effective at treating chronic pain. You’re much better off exploring lifestyle modifications and alternative therapies. This month, we explored a few healthy ways to minimize pain.

  • 6 Ways To Treat Chronic Pain Without Opioids: If you’re one of the many people seeking methods of managing pain without the powerful pills, don’t miss this guide covering a variety of ways to feel better. Options range from medical interventions to things you can do without leaving your house. If you get a chance, comment on the article and let us know which treatments you found most helpful.
  • What Is Reiki And Is It Safe For Pain Management?: Have you ever heard of Reiki? It’s a fascinating treatment that many credit with offering significant pain relief. Read this article to learn more.
  • 4 Life Hacks For Eating Pain Healthy (Including A Surprisingly Affordable Personal Chef): Maintaining a healthy diet is half the battle of managing pain, but many people find it challenging to find the time and money to eat nutritious food. We’ve got you covered in this article, which offers options for people of all income levels.

Help Along The Treatment Journey

Life with chronic pain is as much an internal journey as an external one. This month we dug into a couple issues affecting the mental wellbeing of pain patients.

  • What Is Pain Catastrophizing?: Living with pain is difficult, and sometimes people adopt unhealthy coping strategies that actually increase their suffering. This is unintentional of course, but still harmful. This article explores a relatively common mindset that could be holding you back from greater peace.
  • Tips For Pain Patients With No Diagnosis: Chronic pain is an umbrella condition for countless types of pain, many of which are extremely rare. Unfortunately, some people living in pain find themselves visiting doctor after doctor in a fruitless search for answers. If you find yourself in this situation, or know someone who is, don’t miss this article.

The Untold Story of Chronic Pain

Many different types of people call the U.S. home, people of all types of ethnicities, income levels, and lifestyles. This month, we dug deeper into pain awareness coverage and revealed the untold stories of populations not often discussed in the media or even featured in medical research.

  • The Untold Story Of Hispanics In Chronic Pain: Hispanics comprise the U.S.’s fastest-growing minority, but a serious cultural barrier exists between the people in the community and those in the health care system. Read this article to learn about the divide and related controversy that lacks easy answers.
  • The Untold Story Of Young People in Chronic Pain: Young people may be in the prime of their lives, but that doesn’t exclude them from experiencing chronic pain. Being young and in pain brings with it an additional set of difficulties. We explore them here.
  • The Untold Story Of The LGBTQ Community In Chronic Pain: This community is perhaps one of the least studied and most discriminated against. Fortunately, recent news events have expanded awareness about this important issue. In this article, we dive deep and reveal the true story about the trials LGBTQ patients face when trying to stay healthy.

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