Sunshine Acres Childrens Home Donation

Sunshine Acres Childrens Home Donation- The Arizona Pain Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by Arizona Pain’ physicians, threw the children at Sunshine Acres Children’s Home a pool party at Big Surf Water Park on Friday, June 22. The Foundation hopes to raise awareness about this cause, as donations for the children are continuously needed. Information regarding donations can be found on Sunshine Acres’ website.

The Arizona Pain Foundation hosted a pool party for the residents of Sunshine Acres Children’s Home on June 22nd at Big Surf Water Park in Tempe.

“The children had a wonderful time at the pool party event thanks to the Arizona Pain Foundation,” says Kimberly Raibourne, Sunshine Acres representative. “It’s incredible for them to realize that people they have never met cared enough to provide such a wonderful opportunity for them, and these kids will never forget it.”

Sunshine Acres has been home to more than 1,600 children since 1954. Founded by Rev. Jim and Vera Dingman, the organization’s mission is “to provide a loving, wholesome, Christian home for children who are separated from their parents and help them establish long-term relationships with stable parental figures preparing them for success in adult life.” No child is ever turned away for financial reasons, and the home is almost entirely funded by donations.

“Sunshine Acres is truly a ‘miracle in the desert,’” says Arizona Pain Foundation volunteer Patti Koblewski, who visited the home prior to the pool party event. “From the moment you are greeted, you know this is a place filled with positive energy, love and family. I would highly recommend taking the time to visit Sunshine Acres, consider volunteering or making a donation, because they are teaching these children to become adults who will make a difference in the community.”

Members of the Arizona Pain Foundation wanted to bring joy to the children by sponsoring this event, but they also hope to raise awareness about the needs of these children, and encourage people to donate goods to Sunshine Acres’ Donation Center. Information regarding donations for the children at Sunshine Acres can be found on Sunshine Acres’ website under the “donations” link. Sunshine Acres accepts all types of donations. Some examples include furniture, cars, household goods, equipment, building supplies, golf carts, clothes, toys and electronics.

“The work Sunshine Acres is doing for children in Phoenix should be celebrated,” says Arizona Pain CEO Joe Carlon. “The Arizona Pain Foundation was proud to support this terrific event and we hope, in some small way, we contributed to the success of this ‘miracle in the desert.’”

About The Arizona Pain Foundation
The Arizona Pain Foundation was created by Doctors Paul Lynch and Tory McJunkin as they sought a philanthropic way to reach the community at large, both locally and internationally. Founded in 2009, the foundation’s mission is to “share the love of God by bringing compassion, healing and resources to those in need.” This is accomplished through supporting international missionaries, by supporting local nonprofit community work, by promoting prescription drug abuse resistance to youth in Arizona, and through various other philanthropic efforts.

The team at Arizona Pain works together to provide relief for various types of chronic pain, including back, neck, facial, joint, hip and cancer pain, as well as other ailments. These specialists work with one mission in mind: “To change lives by delivering world-class pain management care that we would want for our own mom and dad.”