Why We’re Hosting A Free Chronic Pain Expo

Arizona Pain will be hosting our third annual Chronic Pain Expo on Saturday September 27, 2014. It’s a free event that we open to the public with one mission in mind: Educate people about pain. As we’ll discuss, patient education is at the heart of who we are at Arizona Pain. Benefits of pain education  … Read more

Faces Of Pain: Connecting With Others

Managing the emotional side of chronic pain day in and day out may seem difficult and lonely. Friends and family try to understand what it’s like, but nobody truly knows how it feels to live in pain unless they themselves have done it. However, finding the appropriate support is a critical component to navigating life … Read more

Best Places to Exercise for Free in Phoenix

Gym memberships and specialty studio passes can get costly—and they keep you inside to exercise. Why stay indoors when you can workout, breathe fresh air, and save money all at once? Phoenix has a plethora of free exercise opportunities just waiting for you. If it is summertime, plan to hit these places early in the morning … Read more

Arizona Centers for Martial Arts

Thinking about martial arts may conjure up images of people wearing neatly tied white robes chopping wood blocks with their hands. However, martial arts traditions come from countries around the world, and they often include cultural or mind and body elements in addition to the self-defense benefits. For example, martial arts with Eastern roots incorporate … Read more