Can A Vegan Diet Improve Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms?

Eating a diet full of fruits and vegetables, which offer an array of nature’s most potent anti-inflammatory compounds, is commonly recommended to help quiet inflammation associated with rheumatoid arthritis. Some people are going one step further and adopting a vegan diet, which involves eliminating meat and animal products, such as milk and cheese. Several studies … Read more

Does Eating Vegetarian Help Fibromyalgia Symptoms?

A plant-based diet holds promise for helping people with fibromyalgia manage pain and other symptoms, several studies show. Fibromyalgia is a disorder characterized by widespread pain, disturbed sleep, and other symptoms. Although it’s relatively common, affecting about five million U.S. adults according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, few effective treatments are available. … Read more

vegan diet neuropathy

Does A Vegan Diet Heal Neuropathy?

People with neuropathy looking for relief may want to try a vegan diet, according to a study completed by doctors with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM).

Recipe: Roasted Carrot Ribbons With Spices

These carrots are equal parts delicious and nutritious eaten on their own, but with this preparation, they can be used as an extra special garnish too! Sliced into thin ribbons and roasted with fragrant spices, they will make a great addition to a large salad or a bowl of pasta or soup. Adding more carrots … Read more

Recipe: Watermelon Gazpacho

What’s more comforting than a bowl of soup? A cold bowl of soup on a hot day! That might sound odd, but gazpacho is an excellent way to consume a nutrient-rich meal, without all of the heaviness (or heat!) associated with several courses. This recipe is so simple to prepare; after the ingredients are chopped, … Read more

Recipe: Lemony White Bean Dip

Vitamin D intake is an important element when it comes to maintaining bone density and strength. Both Vitamin D and calcium are not only essential components of a healthy diet, but because of their bone-strengthening capacities, they work to fight off osteoporosis as well. This white bean dip is loaded with calcium and works as … Read more

Recipe: Sunrise Muffins

These muffins are so flavorful that you’ll never know you’re eating something that’s good for you too! The secret ingredient in them is pineapple, which simultaneously makes the muffins moist on the inside and caramelizes to sugary-sweet perfection on the outside. Pineapple is naturally rich in an enzyme, called bromelain. A general health booster and … Read more

Outside The Box

Sometimes the Best Medicine is No Medicine By Marie Look According to the 2007 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS), 38 percent of American adults use some form of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). Developments in technology and an increase in the available information have made it possible for more patients to consider incorporating alternative medicine … Read more