Laughter And Chronic Pain: Nature’s Oldest Medicine

Next time chronic pain seems like a never-ending battle, try watching a funny movie or reading cartoons. Laughter and chronic pain may not seem like the most obvious connection, but humor can ease the suffering for those living with related conditions, according to a study presented at a meeting of The European Pain Federation Congress. … Read more

Gender And Pain: Women More Susceptible, Researchers Say

Men and women experience chronic pain differently, an increasingly large body of research into the area of gender and pain says. Women are more likely to experience chronic pain and related conditions, such as fibromyalgia. However, when it comes to pain after surgery or minor procedures, the picture is more nuanced, according to research conducted … Read more

Fish Tales: What Squid Reveal About Chronic Pain

New research focused on squid has revealed why pain may be essential to survival. A study published in Current Biology revealed that an injury caused the aquatic animals to be on high alert, which in turn helped them survive an attack by a predator. If living beings must exhibit special instincts to come out on … Read more