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11 Middle Back Pain Stretches And Exercises To Relieve Pain

Lower back pain is a common complaint across the globe and it’s one of the leading causes of disability. What gets less attention but is arguably harder to treat than lower back pain is middle back pain. Middle back pain can be a complex condition, with many patients never finding out the root cause of it. The middle back is a complex part of the spine: its job protecting the vital organs is crucial, but it’s also susceptible to stubborn pain.

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Is Walking Good For Lower Back Pain?

Back pain is the second leading cause for visits to the doctor and the most common reason for missed work. Economically, low back pain alone costs the U.S. $100-$200 billion annually. On a personal level, back pain impacts a person’s ability to function in life every day, from small things like cooking dinner to picking up a child. Cost of treatment should not be a deciding factor on whether or not a back pain sufferer finds relief. What if the key to curing your low back pain was as easy as slipping on some shoes? And what if that same cure was free? What about walking? Is walking good for lower back pain? Walking may not cure the most severe forms of chronic back pain, but in many cases, walking is the cheapest, easiest, and most effective way to help heal and prevent back pain.

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The Best Home Exercise Program For Pain Patients

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The High Costs Of Physical Inactivity

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