Hot Teas As Cold Weather Cures For Pain And Other Ailments

Tea is a time-honored tradition that was brought to our culture from the Far East through the English empire. Human history is literally steeped in tea. In ancient China, tea was frequently used for medicinal purposes. It eventually made its way to Europe and, especially, England where it became popular in the 17th century. The … Read more

This Is How To Break Bad Habits, For Good

We all have our regular tendencies and practices, but the difference between a routine and a habit is that routines are relatively easy to adjust and change, while habits can be especially difficult to give up. That is the bad news. The good news is that you can change your habits. Doing so can help … Read more

How To Manage Pain During Travel: By Air Or During Road Trips

No matter how you’re traveling, it’s likely that you’ll run into some issues. Here’s our best tips for how to manage pain during travel, whether you’re going by plane or car. Managing common travel issues for pain patients  The best way to manage pain during travel is to prepare for it beforehand. We have more … Read more

Your Environment Affects Your Eating Habits: This Is How To Improve It

Traditional advice to have a better diet is repeated so often that most of us can recite it in our sleep: eat less, move more, eat more fruits and veggies, cut back on sugar, etc. This is solid advice and can result in better health, but there may be one factor that undercuts all of … Read more

How To Stay Safe While Gardening With Pain

With the warmer weather comes the itch to get outside and play in the dirt, but gardening and yard work can be a challenge when you’ve got a pain condition. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy gardening or yard work if you have a pain condition. By taking a few precautions and keeping … Read more

10 Ways Vegetarians Can Make Sure They’re Getting Enough Protein

Tell someone you are a vegetarian, and the first thing they will ask is, “But where do you get your protein?” While that question is a good one, it is important to first point out that the U.S. is a nation of protein overachievers. We consume way more protein than is necessary for good health, putting … Read more

How To Kick Your Smoking Habit For Good

Was your New Year’s resolution to be tobacco-free in 2018? In the modern era, this isn’t just about quitting smoking but could also include chewing tobacco or e-cigarettes. So much has changed in our culture surrounding smoking and tobacco that it is hard to disseminate the truth from fiction. Regardless of how you’re using it, … Read more

14 Ways To Exercise Smarter And Better At Work

We spend over half of our lives split between full-time work (2,000 hours) and eight hours of nightly sleep (2,920). The other 44% of our life may be spent running errands and taking care of our families. But when is there time to take care of ourselves? The good news is that it is easy … Read more

How To Make Healthier Decisions With Drinking

Drinking liquid to stay hydrated is a part of life, but many find tasteless water boring. This has opened plenty of space for the $2 billion beverage industry to develop tasty drinks to quench your ever-present thirst. But what are those drinks doing to your health? Often filled with sugar and purportedly healthy ingredients like … Read more

What’s The Connection Between Stress And Emotional Eating?

Being stressed-out seems like an ordinary part of life in this day and age. Trying to balance a hundred things from work to kids to a chronic pain condition can be difficult and overwhelming. When this happens, do you fall into the dangerous habit of emotional eating when the stress seems too much to bear? Emotional … Read more