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How To Prepare For Thanksgiving If You Have Chronic Pain

The holidays bring with them visions of turkey-laden tables, sugar plum fairies, tables set with all kinds of pumpkin goodies, and chilly nights spent by the fire with a warm beverage. However, some doctors say that all the celebrating, along with the stress and disrupted routines, can worsen feelings of chronic pain. Social worker Patricia [...]

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Recognizing The Chronic Pain Issues Veterans Face For Veterans Day

November 11 is Veterans Day, a federally-designated day to recognize all U.S. veterans who have served in both foreign and domestic settings. Far from being just another holiday when banks are closed and mail isn’t delivered, Veterans Day is set aside to recognize and honor the service and sacrifice of the millions of men and [...]

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25 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Mothers With Chronic Pain

Being a mom is tough enough. That’s why there’s one day devoted entirely to finding ways to tell moms how much we appreciate them. When chronic pain is thrown into the mix, however, it can seem downright impossible sometimes. Mothers in chronic pain have unique struggles that make everyday life a lot harder. Here's how to honor your mom [...]

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Here’s How You’re Going To Nail 2018’s New Year’s Resolutions

Developing new habits and keeping to resolutions is a matter of persistence, focus, and perseverance. Thinking about making a change is a lot more fun than carrying through with it once resistance sets in. But, with some simple techniques, like using SMART goals and using one key habit to influence all others, we know you're [...]

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Celebrating Hanukkah Whole-Heartedly, Even With Pain

Hanukkah, the Jewish holiday also known the Festival of Lights, began this year at sunset on December 12 and ends at sunset December 20. This holiday is an important part of the Jewish religious tradition, commemorating miracles that occurred during 200 BCE when the Jews successfully drove the Syrians out of Jerusalem. The eight-day celebration marks [...]

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