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How To Reduce Any Chance Of Pain Over the Holidays

For some people, the holidays are the happiest time of year. But for others, the season’s pervasive cheer can exacerbate feelings of sadness and depression. It can also increase your risk for pain flare-ups especially if you injure yourself decorating or don't pay mind to the changing of the seasons. Here's our tips for reducing [...]

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8 Pain-Friendly Ways To Celebrate The New Year In Phoenix

If you’re looking to celebrate New Year’s Eve in style without spinning underneath flashing lights in a crowded Phoenix nightclub, you’re in the right place. Having pain doesn’t exclude you from the fun, but instead opens up an array of very special options. Choices range from enjoying a nice dinner out with music or other [...]

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The Ultimate Guide To Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

Self-improvement through New Year’s resolutions is a noble effort, but sometimes our desire for radical change backfires when we try to do too much at once. Popular resolutions include vowing to lose weight, eat better, spend less money, and enjoy life to the fullest, according to research firm Nielsen. Unfortunately, many people fail to achieve [...]

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5 Easy Ways To Start Yoga In The New Year

If starting a yoga practice has languished on your list of goals because you’re not sure how to start, this New Year marks an excellent time to clear the fear. The number of ways to practice online is exploding, making this ancient system of wellness more accessible than ever. Depending on your needs and the [...]

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Arizona Pain Gives Thanks On Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours! Gratitude is the foundation of a healthy, positive life, and there’s no better time than Thanksgiving to honor all the people and things we’re grateful for. As people all over the country gather ‘round the table surrounded by food and family, Thanksgiving is an opportunity to recognize and [...]

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10 Best Pain Healthy Recipes For The Holidays

The holidays are a hectic, yet fun time full of sweet culinary temptation. Between cookies and cakes, buttery main courses, and even special coffee drinks that sound amazing but are chock full of sugar, eating healthy can become a challenge. While indulging here and there is okay, it’s best to keep those treat times few [...]

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