Find Your Center On Earth Day

Earth Day, which takes place on April 22, is a daylong celebration of the planet that sustains us all. Earth Day organizers hope that by celebrating the planet and raising awareness about its fragile ecosystems, greater efforts can be made to secure clean water to drink, air to breathe, and land to enjoy for future … Read more

Drink To Your Health: A Guide To Smoothies And Juices

Juice bars, home juicers, and smoothies—particularly green ones—have proliferated over the recent years, but do the drinks really make you healthier? Purported benefits of the fruit- and vegetable-based drinks include detoxing, disease prevention, and increased vitality. While studies haven’t shown that drinking your veggies is superior to eating them whole, juices and smoothies are good … Read more

Eating Healthy Food The Fun Way In Arizona

When diving into the world of healthy eating, you’ll soon find an entire lifestyle brimming with opportunities to connect with local farmers, restaurant owners, and culinary artisans looking to make the world a better place through food. Arizona, with its year-round growing season, offers plentiful opportunities to eat locally grown produce and explore culinary adventures … Read more

LatinaStrong Foundation: Care For Your Family And Prevent Disease

In Arizona and California, there is a fresh and focused Foundation that has been developed and is gaining momentum to care for the health and wellness of Latinas, their families, and community. Welcome The LatinaStrong Foundation! The LatinaStrong Foundation’s mission is to educate Latinas about health and wellness through diet and exercise, and to promote … Read more

Exercise To Injury Treatment: Stay On Track In January

January is a special time, full of energy and enthusiasm for new resolutions. At the core, resolutions are fueled by an image of you living at your best. The new you is already inside the existing you, just a few good habits and positive changes away. As January recedes into February and life sometimes gets … Read more

Yoga Classes Support A Safe, Fulfilling Practice

The benefits of yoga are vast. Students can expect to gain flexibility, strength, and improved balance from continued practice, while those with chronic pain may find the practice improves quality of life. Although many people aren’t sure how to start practicing, the best way is to attend a live class with a registered yoga teacher … Read more

Give Blood During National Blood Donor Month

January is National Blood Donor Month, a time when need runs high while donations typically run low, according to the American Red Cross. Winter brings fewer blood donations because of busy schedules, colds, and inclement weather that keep people inside instead of visiting the nearest blood donation facility. Meanwhile, winter driving conditions frequently lead to … Read more

Reimagine Workouts With Green Exercise

Exercising creates health and spending time in nature boosts mental health, so combine the two into green exercise and what do you get? A phenomenally beneficial activity that further enhances the benefits of exercise, researchers at Coventry University have found. To examine the impacts of green exercise on a group of children, scientists showed study … Read more

Best Places To Stay Warm During Phoenix Winters

After months of 110-degree temperatures, winter is finally here. Cold temperatures present a new problem not seen during the summer—how does one stay warm? Many people with chronic pain find that staying warm is important for minimizing symptoms. Some conditions, such as fibromyalgia for example, can cause people to feel cold even if the room … Read more

Phoenix Pain-Friendly Hiking Trails

Phoenix offers hiking trails for a range of abilities, from the elite athlete to those looking for a more pain-friendly option. Although the Valley’s more famous trails include the notoriously difficult Camelback Mountain and others with precipitous paths featuring sheer drop-offs, there are a huge number of pain-friendly hiking trails that offer a good workout, … Read more