Phoenix Restaurants Serving Thanksgiving Dinner

There’s nothing quite like a delicious Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixings. The juicy turkey, richly flavored mashed potatoes, tart cranberry sauce—and the pile of plates left to clean up after the festivities. Enjoy Thanksgiving dinner without the mess by visiting one of the many places in Phoenix serving a holiday meal. Options also abound … Read more

Arizona Pain Congratulates Dr. Gliedt

Arizona Pain extends its congratulations to Dr. Jordan Gliedt, a doctor at the Chandler facility who has received the honor of winning the 2014 Best of Chandler Award. The annual Best of Chandler Award, granted by the Chandler Award Program, recognizes local businesses that are dedicated to excellent customer service and making an impact in … Read more

How Can A Chronic Pain Expo Help Me?

If you suffer from chronic pain or, more accurately, are a chronic pain survivor, it’s likely that you’re always looking for new ways to treat and manage your pain. Questions about your chronic pain may have even led you to this blog today, where we cover everything from cutting edge pain treatments to lifestyle changes to … Read more

Join Us For Our Free Chronic Pain Expo!

On September 27, Arizona Pain is hosting a free event to help spread awareness about chronic pain and share information with those who suffer from it! If you’re ready to take on your pain and change your life, RSVP for our Chronic Pain Expo today! Chronic Pain Expo details Join us from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, … Read more

Best Places to Exercise for Free in Phoenix

Gym memberships and specialty studio passes can get costly—and they keep you inside to exercise. Why stay indoors when you can workout, breathe fresh air, and save money all at once? Phoenix has a plethora of free exercise opportunities just waiting for you. If it is summertime, plan to hit these places early in the morning … Read more

Arizona Centers for Martial Arts

Thinking about martial arts may conjure up images of people wearing neatly tied white robes chopping wood blocks with their hands. However, martial arts traditions come from countries around the world, and they often include cultural or mind and body elements in addition to the self-defense benefits. For example, martial arts with Eastern roots incorporate … Read more