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8 Simple Ways To Find Neck Pain Relief

Neck pain affects about 15% of adults in the U.S., mostly women, and can lead to chronic discomfort that impacts a person’s daily life. In this post, we're looking at some of the leading treatments and neck pain exercises you can do to find neck pain relief. Finding neck pain relief Causes of neck pain [...]

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How To Deal With A Stiff Neck

The birth of technology like the computer, car, and smartphone has led to us spending a lot of time extending our neck, either staring straight ahead or looking down without moving our neck much. If this is done infrequently, it doesn't cause a lot of pain or stiffness, but it can add up if these [...]

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Is Cell Phone Addiction Real (And Is It Causing You Pain)?

We all have had high stress and anxiety days and sometimes weeks at a time. This can come from happy events like pre-wedding jitters or job-related activities like prepping for a career-changing meeting. Did you know, however, that it was found in a 2012 survey that 66% of people feel similar stress levels from losing [...]

June Highlights Latest News On Headaches And Neck Pain

Headaches are one of the more common health issues, with nearly half of all adults worldwide reporting one in the past year. While many of these cases aren’t debilitating, about 10% of the worldwide population between 18 and 65 unfortunately does experience severe pain in the form of migraines, according to the World Health Organization [...]

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Top 5 Dangers Of Sitting And How To Stay Safe

A sedentary lifestyle has been linked to a host of health issues, including obesity, back pain, and osteoporosis. Sitting is dangerous enough to be considered the new smoking, according to The average U.S. adult sits for eight hours each day, reports U.S. News, but that number is higher for many people who may work in [...]

Whiplash and Back Injuries From Car Accidents

How to Treat Back and Whiplash Injuries After an Auto Accident Motor vehicle accidents are typical occurrences in our society, and injuries sustained following a car accident are quite common. It is important to seek care from a licensed health care provider as soon as possible following a car accident in order to evaluate and diagnose [...]

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New Neck – Back Pain Treatments

Pain Clinic Now Offering Revolutionary Neck and Back Pain Treatment Originally published on The leading pain clinic in Arizona is now offering a ground-breaking treatment that often provides over a year of consistent relief. Arizona Pain Specialists now treats chronic neck and back pain with radiofrequency ablation (RFA). As one of the most innovative [...]

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