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September On Arizona Pain

September is an important month in terms of awareness efforts, and this month we covered several that affect the pain community. We also offered innovative ways to get involved. Other topics covered this month included in-depth examinations of weightier topics, including the obstacles some minority groups face when searching for medical care. Between cultural barriers, misunderstandings, [...]

The Untold Story Of The LGBTQ Community In Chronic Pain

Bruce Jenner’s transition into Caitlyn Jenner resulted in massive media coverage that highlighted the transgender community like never before and ushered in wider social acceptance of the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning) community, reports MedCity News. On the heels of Jenner’s reveal, New York announced plans to mount an awareness initiative around transgender health [...]

The Untold Story Of Young People in Chronic Pain

Think of chronic pain, and a young person is likely not the first image to pop in your mind. About 5% of children and adolescents live with the condition, however, according to research from the American Pain Society. Their burden is largely silent, yet no less burdensome than an adult with pain. Young people with [...]

Chronic Pain Expo Brings Together Valley’s Premier Pain Experts

Don’t miss Arizona Pain’s upcoming Chronic Pain Expo on Saturday Sept. 26 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge Resort and Spa, scheduled to coincide with Chronic Pain Awareness Month. Hundreds attended last year, and this event promises to be even bigger and better. The Expo is a time [...]

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September On Inside Arizona Pain

Fall is finally in the air, and cooler temperatures bring plenty of time to catch up on reading. September was a big month for people affected by chronic pain because it marked Pain Awareness Month, Stand Up To Cancer Day, and Healthy Aging Month. All month long during Pain Awareness Month, patients, advocates, and others [...]

Understanding Body Pathways Is Key To Future Pain Treatments

“Pain is a disease,” says pediatrician and anesthesiologist Elliot Krane, who works at Stanford University’s Packard Children’s Hospital. Krane’s take is different from the prevailing mindset that pain is instead a symptom of another underlying condition. In fact, about 10% of patients with serious conditions, such as cancer, infections, or problems requiring operations, experience persistent [...]

Why We’re Hosting A Free Chronic Pain Expo

Arizona Pain Specialists will be hosting our third annual Chronic Pain Expo on Saturday September 27, 2014. It's a free event that we open to the public with one mission in mind: Educate people about pain. As we'll discuss, patient education is at the heart of who we are at Arizona Pain Specialists. Benefits of [...]

8 Ways to Find Inspiration Despite Chronic Pain

Staying positive is oftentimes an uphill battle for chronic pain sufferers. Filling your life with inspiration wherever you can find it can ease the effort, though. Like any new activity, finding inspiration at first takes a little effort. But soon, you’ll know just where to go for an uplifting boost. Once you start looking, you’ll [...]

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