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5 Easy Ways To Start Yoga In The New Year

If starting a yoga practice has languished on your list of goals because you’re not sure how to start, this New Year marks an excellent time to clear the fear. The number of ways to practice online is exploding, making this ancient system of wellness more accessible than ever. Depending on your needs and the [...]

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Exercise To Injury Treatment: Stay On Track In January

January is a special time, full of energy and enthusiasm for new resolutions. At the core, resolutions are fueled by an image of you living at your best. The new you is already inside the existing you, just a few good habits and positive changes away. As January recedes into February and life sometimes gets [...]

2015: The Year Of Less Pain

The good news if you’re reading this blog is that although you have chronic pain, you are taking active steps to help manage it. Perhaps you haven’t been as successful as you would have liked, but 2015 is your year to make lasting changes. Making healthy lifestyle choices such as eating more fruits and vegetables, [...]

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10 Best TED Health Talks

For inspiring speeches given by leading innovators, TED health talks never fail to deliver. TED is a nonprofit that seeks to spread ideas through short videos that last for 18 minutes or less. The initiative began as a live conference in 1984, before the Internet revolutionized information dissemination, and originally focused on technology, entertainment, and [...]

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