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How To Get More Sleep To Decrease Your Pain

We all know that lack of sleep can make us feel a little off the next day. Groggy, unable to concentrate, and irritable: these are all sure indications of too little sleep (or sleep of poor quality). While the occasional night of tossing and turning is common for most people, too many sleepless night strung [...]

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Here’s How Sleep And Pain Are Connected (And 10 Ways To Improve Your Sleep!)

Sleep is as fundamental as eating. Without the right amount of sleep you can actually increase your risk of a variety of medical conditions, including increased pain. It might be surprising to hear that sleep can be responsible for various levels of chronic pain but it is essential to understand that without sleep your body [...]

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Are Your Habits Healthy?

Much of people’s lives have to do with the sum of their habits. Good habits support health while bad habits could undermine it. This is good news because while creating a healthy lifestyle may seem overwhelming, all lifestyle changes require is examining of individual habits and deciding if each helps or hinders health. However, deciding [...]

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