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Stem Cell Testimonials — Arizona Man Finds Relief After 70 Years

If you're interested in stem cell therapy to treat your pain condition, it's always best to hear it straight from the source: stem cell testimonials from patients who have suffered from similar pain who have found relief through this cutting-edge treatment option. Today we recount one of our favorite stem cell testimonials: an interview with [...]

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Could Stem Cells Help With Alzheimer’s And Dementia?

The cognitive condition dementia affects more than 47 million people worldwide. The most common type of dementia is Alzheimer’s, which affects about five million people in the U.S. These conditions significantly impact a person’s ability to function, and they ultimately lead to death. Thankfully, advances in stem cell therapy are creating hope for patients, caregivers, [...]

What’s Going On In The Research Department? Find Out Now!

By Ted Swing, Ph.D New treatments for many different medical conditions are being developed, tested, and approved all the time through the process of clinical research. We feel this research is incredibly important, and we are committed to advancing the practice of pain medicine by taking part in clinical trials. This means enrolling and treating [...]

From The Lab: A Research Study Recap

By Ted Swing, Ph.D Clinical research studies are a critical tool for the advancement of pain medicine. They provide evidence that the Food and Drug Administration uses to decide if a new treatment is safe and effective enough to approve for use in treating a particular condition. These studies can also help convince insurers that [...]

Arizona Pain Hosts Chat About Stem Cell Research

This previous week, Arizona Pain hosted our own Twitter chat about stem cell research and regenerative therapy. This was a way to connect our research director, Ted Swing, with others who had questions about these therapies and why we're so excited to be studying them. If you want to join in our next Twitter chat, [...]

Research Into Stem Cells Continues To Reveal Exciting Possibilities

Arizona Pain patient Mickey knew stem cell treatment offered no guarantees, only the potential of relief after 15 years of unbearable pain. A congenital birth injury had left one arm essentially useless, and Mickey relied on his other arm for most of his life until the shoulder finally gave out. Arthritis, worn down cartilage, torn [...]

Designer Babies? Genetic and Nanotechnologies Bring Sci-Fi Closer To Life

Advances in science have helped medical researchers continually drill deeper, investigating increasingly smaller particles that are often the very foundations of life. Advances in the fields of genetic manipulation to nanotechnology often yield breakthroughs that fundamentally alter the course of research for significant medical problems like cancer. Here are a few of the more interesting [...]

Arizona Pain Specialists: Changing Lives 1 Patient At A Time

Arizona Pain Specialists was founded based on the principle that everybody experiencing chronic pain deserves the best possible treatment. Comprehensive pain care is incredibly complex because of the multi-faceted nature of pain. 2 people experiencing the same type of pain may have separate causes for that pain. Because of the complexity of chronic pain, many [...]

Stem Cell Therapy For Knee Pain

Emerging medical procedures such as stem cell therapy offer hope for people with nagging knee pain that other, traditional treatments haven’t alleviated. Stem cells start out as blank slates, but have the unique ability to transform into specialized cells, whether bone, muscle, or organ, depending on the body’s needs. Because of their transformational abilities, stem [...]

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