Tai Chi For Arthritis: Benefits + Beginner Lessons

When the pain of arthritis flares up, you might be tempted to take it easy on your joints by limiting movement. While it makes sense to rest in the acute phase of an injury, doctors agree that inactivity can actually make arthritis pain worse. So how can you get movement into your day but take … Read more

3 Mindful Practices To Dissolve Stress And Promote Happiness

There’s a bright spot of news amid frightening statistics that illustrate the harsh environment stress creates in the body, and that’s all the people who are embracing mindful practices like meditation, yoga, and tai chi to relax and melt tension. Research suggests that while stress is unhealthy, a big part of managing that tension is … Read more

Treating Chronic Leg Pain

Chronic leg pain–any type of leg pain condition that lasts for 3 months or more–is a serious condition facing many people. At Arizona Pain, we always endeavor to provide the most up-to-date information about any pain condition, while also incorporating holistic lifestyle approaches into treatment plans. If you suffer from chronic leg pain, you can … Read more