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17 Of The Best Pain Tracker Apps In 2022

If you are living with a chronic pain condition, you deserve a pain tracker that is easy to use with helpful features for your daily list. These are the best pain tracker apps in 2020 for better managing your condition and preventing pain flare-ups.

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How To Fix Your Text Neck Pain And Prevent It In The Future

Technology is great, but with each new development comes new problems for society to adapt to. One problem that has come to light in recent years is text neck, which is pain caused by too much hunching over a phone, tablet, or other device. Text neck can become serious if left untreated. Luckily, it’s usually easy to fix, especially if you start treatment early enough. In this post, we’ll explain what text neck is, list some of the most common symptoms, and how you can find relief.

How To Find Mental Health Resources When You Need Them

Feeling sad, anxious, lonely, or depressed can make you feel isolated, especially if you’re suffering from chronic pain. Maybe you think nobody understands or you’re afraid of telling those around you how you feel. Reaching out for help may seem difficult. You may not know where to turn, or feel embarrassed about your suffering. Know … Read more

8 Diabetes Apps For Managing Your Symptoms, And More

Diabetes management involves tracking an overwhelming array of details. This can include medical factors such as blood sugar levels to lifestyle components like diet and exercise. Fortunately for the more than 29 million people in the U.S. living with the disease, a variety of diabetes apps and online resources have emerged to simplify the process. … Read more

Kati Morton – Vloggers We Love

Mental health and how to practice self-care are subjects most people know little about. Psychology can be scary and difficult to understand, especially when you are in the thick of a problem like depression, anxiety, anorexia, or any other psychological disorder. How do you find help for these issues if you are not ready or … Read more

How Is Technology Affecting Our Mental Health?

Technology is fundamentally changing the ways we live our lives. It has proliferated into every aspect of our civilization and it influences every person regardless of age, gender, or profession. Recent technological growth doesn’t show any signs of slowing down and we are still trying to figure out how that will shape the future. That … Read more

When It Comes To The Brain – Are Video Games Bad For You?

There are hundreds of distractions and diversions in the modern world, from watching television to Sudoku. A lot of time is devoted to seeking entertainment and ways to unwind from the stress of a job, family, and everyday life. Video games have become increasingly popular as well and researchers are trying to tackle the perceived … Read more

Is Cell Phone Addiction Real (And Is It Causing You Pain)?

We all have had high stress and anxiety days and sometimes weeks at a time. This can come from happy events like pre-wedding jitters or job-related activities like prepping for a career-changing meeting. Did you know, however, that it was found in a 2012 survey that 66% of people feel similar stress levels from losing … Read more

Tackle Your Food Cravings With Gamified Apps

Controlling those hunger pangs can be one of the most challenging things during a busy day. Being in high stress mode and having little time can make your cravings get out of control and make you reach for the nearest candy bar and a comfy couch. So, how do you train your brain to stop … Read more

Bloggers We Love: Pinch Of Yum

Blogs can be a powerful tool to share information to a wide spectrum of people. Bloggers tell compelling stories, inspire change, and help us do things that we never thought were possible. If you are ready to dive into a healthy lifestyle filled with delicious and easy-to-make food, you need to check out the blog … Read more